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North Rhino 2 : Prices!?

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Postby Guest » Mon Sep 30, 2002 10:06 pm

Why would I pay full retail for ANYTHING?
Full retail prices are set to reflect the maximum that the manufacturer expects to be able to charge from the boys that need all the latest greatest right when it comes out. Why do you think prices are so ridiculously high? And then there's the crowd that feels like they get an incredible deal if their dealer knocks off 10%. Wohoo. Manufacturers will be fine, even if most folks don't pay sticker price. Most dealers are smart and wil adjust prices to sell to their customer base. They'll be fine too.

I'd love to see some more competition. The lower the prices, the bigger this sport will get. If you'd like to keep this an elitist endeavour go pay full price at a dealer near you.


Postby Guest » Mon Sep 30, 2002 10:06 pm

I guess kite only,what else could it be?


Postby Guest » Mon Sep 30, 2002 10:38 pm

Could be kite and lines, but no bar. I've seen this is a couple of places.
And regarding full retail vs discount prices, the biggest chunk goes to the distributors. Come on everybody. It's no secret that kites cost $350-$400 at the most. Distis charge a 50% premium to their dealers, and they have to make something on top. I guess they all gain except the customers - us.....
This discussion kills me when supporting my local sho means pay $1300+.... sorry not me...

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Postby Robert » Tue Oct 01, 2002 8:32 am

semi-complete means:
No Bar/No Lines


Postby Guest » Tue Oct 01, 2002 12:04 pm

ahhhh. so much less confusing it would have been just to say kite only as opposed to semi complete. what the hell is semi complete about a kite only package?

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