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Underground FLX 132

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Underground FLX 132

Postby eagle » Fri May 21, 2004 4:16 am

The new Underground FLX 132 arrived this morning with a loud knock at the door. Scrambling outta bed I didn't even bother to don my boxers, for I knew this was the delivery I've anticipated for 2 weeks.
The packaging was bombproof and required extensive extrication from the box requiring a scalpel, scissors and the Dremil.

The board is a beauty !
Sick sublaminated graphics and more flex than a bodybuilding competition. The board comes complete with straps(with killer metatarsal bones on em), fins, grab handle and hardware.
Took about 20 minutes to assemble and the 2 allen wrenches required were provided with the board.
My only complaint is the foot strap screws seem to be too short to use with the foot strap screw spacers.

Upon hearing of a steady 14 knot sea breeze I drove through town like a bum through a bottle of wine to reach the beach.
I was so freaking excited that I locked my keys in the truck, but didn't give a shit, I was about satisfy my sick desire to ride the FLX.

The wind was a steady 12 knots upon launch, side on with a light chop.
I was riding a 16M 02 Fuel with the wings chopped and I weight around 68 kgs.

The first thing I noticed upon take off on the board was how comfortable the footbed/straps are on this board.
The second thing I noticed was how easy it was to set a progressive edge upwind, this board rips through the water resulting in a very smooth ride.
It is effortless to hold an edge with this board and not once did the board skip on the water.
The board loads up amazingly well and has the most pop off the water of any board I've ridden.
The flex in this board is similar to the Hana Crew, but the bombproof construction of the FLX is FAR superior to that of the Hana Crew.
The transition of this board from heelside to toeside is effortless and smooth.
The landings from jumps are absorbed by the board and the flex provides alot less stress on the knees than other boards I've ridden.

The winds dropped off to 10-11 knots after about an hour and a half and still I was able to plane and run downwind. I was pretty impressed by the lightwind performance of this board.
In fact I like so much that I'm selling my other boards in order to get the 2 other sizes of this board.(anyone want a 122 SS Misfit, 141 SX, or SS Manta let me know)

I've ridden a few different Underground boards, but this board is by far their best one yet.
Many cheers and pints of beer to Adrien for this awesome design.

I'll post an update when I get a chance to ride the board in some real wind.


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Postby phishin4dmb » Mon Jun 28, 2004 4:19 pm

Thanks for the post. I have been waiting to send off my graphics to Underground to get my board. I have been waiting to get this for a while and it is very reassuring to hear that you can plane in 10 knot winds. I am only 55 kgs so I should be able to work it in lower winds (I am stuck in korea doing video production for the next 6 months) I would love to hear more from you on the board and of course any suggestions you migh have to inprove the board. Thanks for the update. Steve Reynolds

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