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high or low aspect for a small kite?

forum for kitesurfers

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Postby murdoc » Fri Oct 11, 2002 9:32 pm

to the jumps:
whenever i get high with the small dude (6.3 AB) ,
i get so much respect, i just hang from the bar. looking scared and am totally concentrated on not steering the kite wrong and not wetting myself :wink:

one wrong steering impulse and you'll perform like the enterprise goin' on warp 9 ... next thing to know your chest hitting the water (that feels similar to solid concrete)

i had a few of these, one time i was lucky i was forced to wear helmet and protection vest, one time i was uncertain if a rib was broken.

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Postby Toby » Fri Oct 11, 2002 9:53 pm

of course, the faster the higher you can boost.
If you want big air, the Skoop will be you toy!


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Postby Vangelis » Sat Oct 12, 2002 12:31 am

I tried the Skoop 6.5 in Cabarete this season, back-to-back with the Mach-1 9.1 and the X2 10. The Skoop is a jumping machine, although any of the above kites will take you high and fast. I don't know much about the Akooba.

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Postby » Sat Oct 12, 2002 10:01 am

i belong to the ones still wearing helmet and vest - still looking stupid i guess!

* the akooba i guess is very similar to the free air i got

--thanks vangelis // POY EINAI TO MELTEMI?
only thing i see is rain now and a wind changing directions...:sad:


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Postby Tony » Sat Oct 12, 2002 1:05 pm

I had one of my best days ever on a Toro 8 in 30 mph (avg). The Toro is a great high-wind kite. Handles gusts with ease. That same day I took a Rhino1 6.2 for a ride and had a blast. Huge jumps! That thing screams across the sky like a 2m foil trainer! I also watched my buddy get slammed by it that day because of the speed.

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