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Test: AP 138

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Test: AP 138

Postby JoriZ » Mon Aug 16, 2004 12:29 pm

AP 138 test by Jurjen:
Newcomer AP from Germany delivered us a brand new AP 138 kite board. The first thing we noticed was the eye candy, they sure have some nice designs. The production method is quite different compared to other boards. It's sandwich of HPL (whatever that is, but it's damn light and pretty durable too). The length is 138 (as in the name) and the width is only 35 cm. The weight is another special feature from AP, only 2085 gram stated on the website. In reality it isn't much more, we haven't measured it but damn this is light, it almost blows away when holding it in the wind. At a kite show where a large crew represented AP they told us that this was a board for wave riders, features good grip, good speed and good in the chop. It's equipped with fins from Rainbow Fins Company, the surfdog type. The best wave riding fins. The board also features a big concave, 8mm. After talking to AP, we knew the right spot to take this board to. The shittiest spot on the planet, gusty, choppy, short but big waves, strong current. In other words the ideal environment to test a board that claims to be good in chop, waves and cranks upwind (unfortunately it was a pretty long drive, but hell we needed to test this board on the shittiest spot we know, as they claimed it was usable in chop). Now let's see what's true about the German stories.

Check the whole review is here: ... reviewid=1

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