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RRD typez 16 vs Rhino II

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RRD typez 16 vs Rhino II

Postby Guest » Thu Sep 09, 2004 2:32 am

- Ease of inflating/deflating
Filling the struts is a piece of cake. After inflating, just by turning the strut (valve pointing downwards - no pinching needed), it will block the air and you can use both hands to secure the valve. Works 100% all the time.
To deflate the struts, just pinch a bit the valves and voila, that's all you need for the air to be released.
- Wind range
For a 75 kg rider and a 142x37cm board - 12 to 18 knots without opening the zippers (didn't have the chance to open them yet).
- Turning speed
Very responsive for a 16mt kite
- Bar
Excellent ergonomics and safety. It comes with a built-in wichard quick release.
The shape of the section of the bar enables a minimum grabbing effort and has a very comfortable feeling.
It has a "leashless" emergency BIG handle above the bar. It releases 3 lines upon pull. The lasting line is secured to the wichard QR through the chicken loop cord. It's a bit messy to reassemble it.
- Gust absorption
Very good. I almost didn't feel 4 knot gusts. (14 to 18 knots measured before and after the session) .
Comparison with Rhino II:
- Low end : The Rhino has a definitely better low end. I can keep pointing at 11-12 knots, while the RRD tends lose pull during the lulls, thus you can't really point under that condition.
- High end : The RRD has a clear advantage over the Rhino. If the wind speed is 15kn gusting to 18, the Rhino is no fun, too much effort and kind'a survival riding, while the RRD maintains a stress-free riding.
- Bar pressure : The RRD bar is considerably lighter than the Rhino, permits longer sessions with lesser stress on the arms.
- Handling on the beach : The RRD tends to lose shape compared to the Rhino, which makes it a bit more difficult for the guy assisting a launch .

Features not tested/compared yet: Water re-launch, opening of zippers for higher wind speeds, jumps, hangtime

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Postby abel » Thu Sep 09, 2004 2:38 am

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