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Costa Rica and Panama by Roberto

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Costa Rica and Panama by Roberto

Postby Toby » Tue Sep 07, 2004 10:02 pm

I am back from my trip to Costa Rica and Panama. This is a longish post, so it might be boring unless you want to hear about my trip.

I only was able to ride twice while in Panama, in light winds with my Wipika Hydro 15 in the NW Pacific coast areas. We originally intended to go to Punta Chame however our plans were “foiledâ€


Postby ghostrider » Wed Sep 08, 2004 4:25 am

I have ridden in CR a couple of tiems and here are my impressions

-Bahia Salinas-although they claim it is side on, the wind here is actually techncially off shore as the tradewinds(Papagayo wind in December-January), blow across Lake Nicaragua and out to any sialor's diaries for this area and you will see what I mean! This is why it is so gusty. I was also lofted many times and it is not such a great place as the beach near PLaya Copal was around 1 metre wide when I was there and filled with wodd/debris. The isolation while a nice change, can make this a very remote place(you have to go through a border checkpoint with Nicaragua just to get there). Food is also pretty dismal, other than some lobster and the occasional ceviche.

-Arenal-it really blows here but the launch conditions for kiting are not ideal and again severe gusts can punish the unwary by dumping you in a muddy area or worse yet trees and bush..machete mandatory

-Tamarindo-even though this Italian guy does not recommend, I had a great session there, much to the chagrin of all the surfers waiting for waves. I believe this area which does get the offshore Papagayo winds and well is worth exploring...

-Jaco had a great ride at Jaco and once past the beach breaking waves had some real fun in light onshore breeze with my 18m

In short, I would be careful with Bahia Salinas due to EXTREME gusts, and isolation. There must be a few other locations in CR worth exploring

Samara area, Osa Penisnusla, and what about the Caribbean side, Cahuita, and Salsa Brava area....I reckon the noreaster trades must blow onshore over there, although I have no evidence....

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Postby JRuoss » Tue Sep 14, 2004 2:46 pm

Bahia Salinas is the best place I have ever been on a kiteboarding vacation. I have been on too many when the wind would not cooperate Baja, Carribean, Hawaii etc.

This place gets wind and lots of it from Dec. through April.

The wind is side on and there is plenty of beach to work with. Of the 30 days I was there last January ther were two that were too windy for my 7.5 and only for part of the day.

This place will make you a much better rider. You will learn how to fly your small kite and it will become your favorite. You will jump higher then you ever have before. You will have now crowds and pretty much the place to yourself. There are two awesome restaurants within walking distance from the beach.

Check out [url=htt://]The Kitehouse[/url] for some great complete packages.

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