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Is this a named trick?

Find a list of all tricks and moves, discuss it and get help - if any missing, please add it.

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Is this a named trick?

Postby skykuhl » Sun Oct 03, 2004 11:51 pm

Is this a named trick?

Riding on starboard, jump with your front hand grab the downwind side of the nose of your board, pull if towards you until it comes 180 degrees and then land the jump toe side.

Please let me know what the name of this trick is or if it is unnamed or if it isn't a trick.

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Sky :thumb:


Postby callahoochy » Thu Nov 04, 2004 9:30 pm

MUTE TO REVERT, if you're grabbing between your feet. If your right hand is between your right foot and the tail. Purists (bitter a-holes) don't consider it a legit trick unless your grab is between your feet. That's why if your hand is between your feet and the tail it's called SLOB. Don't get bogged down with names and terms-just have fun. Try flying the kite back gently as you get popped and turn it into a bad ass transition. This is a fun trick to do, and even funner when done right in front of windsurfers who've laid their sails in the water because they're blown out in the gusts.

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