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Can anyone please explain sine?

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Postby Guest » Sat Oct 26, 2002 3:31 pm

Sine? What is it, what does it mean? sine wave elbow?

Thanks for your patience.

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Postby randykato » Sat Oct 26, 2002 3:39 pm

it's a math term...sine/cosine. when working the kite to get/keep going when there isn't enough power to park the kite, the kite is basically tracing out a sine wave pattern in the sky. thus the term "sining" the kite.

the sore elbow that can result from the repetitive motions required to do this is known as "sine wave elbow" "tennis elbow". make sense?

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Johnny TBKS
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Postby Johnny TBKS » Sat Oct 26, 2002 3:45 pm

Sine is the ordinate of the endpoint of an arc of a unit circle centered at the origin of a Cartesian coordinate system, the arc being of length x and measured counterclockwise from the point (1, 0) if x is positive or clockwise if x is negative.

In a right triangle, the ratio of the length of the side opposite an acute angle to the length of the hypotenuse. Yeah yeah, I know...what's hypotenuse mean? It's The side of a right triangle opposite the right angle., did that answer your question? IS it all becoming clear again for you now? :wink:

Mind if I ask why you are asking of Sine? Is it because you have heard people say "sining the kite"? If so, I'm sure by now we have you clear and straight.


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Postby xid3d » Sat Oct 26, 2002 6:58 pm

just realized that my sine wave elbo was cured by using a 16.4 AB the last 9 mos.

reading the great stuff about Flysurfer Psycho. How does the power of the Psycho 15.5 compare to 16.4 AB.

All the comments on the Psycho are making me want to get one. But I'd like to still avoid the sine wave elbo thing.......


Postby fokiten » Sat Oct 26, 2002 9:12 pm

when going up wind underpowered hooked in you can hold the bar with one hand and push and pull don't watch the kite look up wind and really make progress, this is a good thing. who cares what you misname it?

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Postby BLOWN AWAY » Sat Oct 26, 2002 9:26 pm

Sining is done to generate more power from the kite in underpowered conditions.

If you have the right kite for the conditions then you will hardly ever need to sine the kite.

Some kites sine easier than others and these are less likely to give you "sine elbow".....

The Wipika AB has brides to give it power steering and hence is easier on the arms.....

BLOWN AWAY :smile:


Postby Guest » Sat Oct 26, 2002 9:49 pm

Re:Tennis/Sining Elbow.
Try increasing the diameter of your bar,wrap the bugger with handle grip tape,this really helps ameliorate the effects of this injury.
Go hard.

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Postby murdoc » Sun Oct 27, 2002 1:24 am

1. sell that arx!
2. ride in the fixed-loop when underpowered


Postby Guest » Sun Oct 27, 2002 10:47 am

Sine, got it! Thanks for the replies. I was asking because I was just trying to understand some of the posts. Good to see a healthy response to the post, both detailed and humourous. So, from now on lets all ride Powered UP! Thanks again.

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