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Best Yarga 20.0

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Best Yarga 20.0

Postby Toby » Tue Oct 26, 2004 4:09 pm

my weight: 90 kgs
Board used: X-Shooter XXM (136x37) and XXX (122x36)

Winds: from 10-18 knts, gusty.
Flat to choppy water.

The Yarga 20 has a nice low end. Also I can't say if it is better than the R2 20 (my reference kite). I would rate the R2 1-2 knots more low end. But this has to be checked one-on-one.

The Yarga 20 is a nice kite to practise unhooked moves. It turns fast, but controlled (still a 20 sqm kite!). The kiteloops are fun, since it hangs during it turns around, so you won't get smacked.
The lift is nice, and increases the more wind you get, than you get nice big airs. The jump period is more consistant with thr R2 20, meaning, the Yarga is not as soft while jumping. When you have stronger winds, the Yarga can hang long, specially when you fly it back over the zenith, you will feel a longer hangtime.

All in all the Yarga is a nice 20 sqm kite, and I felt comfortable after a short time and had a good feel practising unhooked moves, which I don't practise a lot.

The quality is well build and interesting are the about 8 attachment points on the fronttube for any kind of new line system.



Postby Guest » Mon Nov 01, 2004 10:25 am

best will allure more and more anybody in the future
especially by the riders of the first hour disappointed by the fashous marks

the future ... it is well the direct sale :thumb:

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