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Leaches vs Leashes

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Postby Guest » Mon Oct 28, 2002 11:16 am

Hi Guys,

I know for many people here English is a second language, in some case a 3rd or 4th or 5th language...

But one thing that we should get right is this terminology. The safety device you attach from yourself to your kite is the "safety leash" or "kite leash", it's a type of leash basically.

A leach on the other hand, is the trailing edge of the kite - beasically the piece of line that outlines the trailing edge...

So both words are kite related, but mean very different things...

Unless I am incorrect of course, I'm not an english major myself!


Postby Guest » Mon Oct 28, 2002 2:48 pm

thats right.

but then a leach is also a small invertabrate parasitc blood sucking fluke.

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Postby randykato » Mon Oct 28, 2002 5:42 pm

ok, if we're getting technical here, i'll be the anal geek and say that "leech" is actually the more common spelling (though "leach" is an accepted alternative).

it's funny because one time i was reading a post about connecting the leach line to a center line and for a few seconds i was really confused why somebody would connect the trailing edge of the kite to the a center line....then i realized it was a misspelling and they were talking about a kite leash.

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