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Postby vesku » Fri Nov 01, 2002 5:06 pm


10th to 16th February 2003 in Tallinn (Estonia) Lake Harku


More info @

Preregistration: will be taken until 2002-12-15. fill out schedule and send to: Kalev Allikveer
Õismae tee 131-30 13515 Estonia Fax.+ 372 65 68 605

Registration: on the 10 th February 2003 from 16.00 – 22.00 in Hotel Stroomi
and on the11 th February 2003 from 8.00 – 9.00 at the lake race office.

60 Euro+10 Euro donations to WISSA, to be paid upon registration. Entry fee will not be refunded.

The nearest airport is:
Tallinn International airport, approx. 8 km from lake HARKU.
If there is sufficient demand a bus shuttle can be arranged between the airport and hotel (for preregistrated racers).

Race site and lake conditions:
The races will be held on lake HARKU, 7km from center of the Tallinn. A new course will be set up each day depending upon wind strength and direction. All races will be held depending on the prevailing ice and snow conditions on the day of the race. The conditions can vary from bare ice to snow during winter. Conditions in February are often bare ice.

Definition of classes:
1) Sailboard Class: The sailor stands on any type of sled or board in order to control a conventional sailboard rig. The sled may have blades or skis. The sled may also be a snowboard or a monoski provided that the rig is attached to the sled only with a universal joint. A windsurfing harness and lines are permitted. Sleds with stayed masts and iceboats such as the DN are not permitted.

2) Free-Sail Class: The sailor stands on any type of sliding device (skis, skates, snowboard, etc.) to control any type of free-sail (skate sail, skimbat, wing sail, etc.) directly with their hands. A windsurfing harness and a line less than 2 metres in length is permitted to transmit the sail loads to the sailor but flying lines may not be used to control the sail. Mechanical connections between the sail and the sliding device are not permitted.

3) Kite Class: The sailor stands on any type of sliding device (skis, skates, snowboard, etc.) to control a kite (or kite train) with control lines. The sailor may not hold the kite directly, but instead of that use only the control handles or control bar. Flying lines are those lines that connect the handles/bar to the bridle system of the kite. The flying lines must be directly connected to the handles/bar and the first kite. A short length of very strong, thick line is allowed at the handles/bar provided it is less than 1 meter long and not made from kevlar or metal. Line length is measured between the handles (or bar) and the back of the last kite. The maximum length allowed is 50 meters. Kevlar and metal flying lines are not allowed. A harness may be worn by the sailor to transmit the kite loads but it must have a mechanical quick-release system or be of the opened type such as a windsurfing hook. A fail-safe method must be incorporated into the control handles/bar/harness system to allow the kite to be depowered in an extreme gust.

Type of races:
There will be different classes for juniors, women, men and seniors. It is necessary to have representatives from at least three countries in order to have a separate class. If there are more than 50 competitors in one class there will be a qualifying race.
Course: A triangle course will be used for all classes. The course will be designed so that one heat will take 15 – 20 min. There will be a maximum of 10 and a minimum of 3 heats organized.
Marathon: Long distance race is about 20 km (after the end of course races).
Speed: Fastest speed on a defined course.
Freestyle: Jump and jibes in front of judges.

Regarding to WISSA rules. Will be explained before races.

10 th February 2003: 10.00 training
18.00 opening Ceremony

11 th, 12 th, 13 th,14th February 2003: 10.00 races
15 th February 2003: 10.00 freestyle contest
15 th February 2003 18.00 closing Ceremony

Everyone competes at their own risk. Helmets are mandatory! Knee, hip and elbow pads are recommended.

The best three competitors of each class will be awarded.
Advertising is allowed. The organizer reserves space on the sail, wing of the skimbat and helmet for its own sponsors.

6- 8 km from race place.
I would like the organisers to reserve a room for me at Hotel Stroomi during my stay at the championships.
Hotel Stroomi: (1-4 person rooms)
Morning and evening sauna,
Buffet- breakfast
Price: 18 Euro for bed and breakfast
Please reserve accommodations as soon as possible but not later than 15.12.2002 (later, we cannot hold it for free)


The Chairman of Kite Division of Finnish Boardsailing Association

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