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Light wind KING contender Psycho2 26

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Light wind KING contender Psycho2 26

Postby chemosavi » Mon Oct 04, 2004 1:47 am

Not my review but I thought it was worth posting. Kiteboardkorea's take on the P2 26....sounds pretty nice....he flies all types as well...leis, arcs...

For my flying experience on the Psychos I have the P2-13,17,21 and now the P2-26.

In some respects I have been very disappointed with the larger 17 and 21 as they always seemed a bit slow and more recently for higher winds I have moved across to Peter Lynn kites for ease of use and better prices.

For the last couple of months the 26 has just sat in its bag in the back room as the winds have been too heavy or not at all in my area . I have read with interest the new changes that FS are now recommending for Psycho 2 kite and decided to give this one last test as there is not much of a second hand kite market in Australia at the moment for FS kites.

Armin’s upgrade for the P2’s has totally changed my opinion of the larger kites once you get rid of the C8. By removing the C8 bridle this gives the kite far better pop off the water and in the case of the P2-26 has improved turning dramatically from when I first tested the original kite. I can now turn the P2-26 in its own wing span!!!! , I would compare the turning speed to that of a 16m LE kite with the raw power of the old Titan 21.5 which I use to own. This combination of speed and power is MIND BLOWINGLY FUN!!!!!!!!!

I have now modded the P2-17 and 21 and the extra power and turning speed really makes these kites come alive.

Yesterday winds were from 7 to 10 knots, ( as measured by Government weather station) , most guys had their 18 and 20 m kites pumped up on the beach but not enough wind for anyone to be out. There was a small kid about 13 years old riding a best 14 , LE kite and he was travelling downwind , not able to stay in the same place. Later in the day a guy on a 18 North got out for a few runs but crashed LE down and need rescuing as he could not relaunch.

Unpacked the 26 on the beach and removed the C8 line, after some initial bridle untangles the kite flew into the sky using the basic downwind launch. For the next 3 hours I was the only kite on the water, fully power and jumping 3 to 4 m in the air, in less than 10 knots of air, no problem staying upwind, infact at one point had to do a down winder as I had travelled to far upwind from the launch spot.

Amazing fun to fly this BIG kite; my criticism of the older Titan 21.5 was that you could not really send the kite back to jump but had to use wake style pop off the water. NOT the case with the 26 , both styles are easily done and the kite is so fast you can send the kite back to 12 oclock , POP a 4 m jump and recover the kite again for the transition easily !!!!

Another interesting thing about the 26 is the incredible depower of the kite. After a good hour on the water I came into the beach and my girlfriend begged for a fly of the kite. She is only 50 kg’s. Took the kite no problem on 2/3 depower and she was lit and having fun but now overpowered or out of control. Same wind condition I could then take the kite back, 90kg , 130cm board ( full power setting) and I was lit and having fun.

Kite settings:

Removed C8 Bridle
Full + Wac
Full Brake

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Postby Janus » Mon Jan 10, 2005 10:30 pm

Thx for your reviews.
Can you provide us realistic windrange of all your (modificated) FS kites? (for you and your wife)

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