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CO2 12 2005 / 6.5 C02 2005

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mini V

CO2 12 2005 / 6.5 C02 2005

Postby mini V » Tue Jan 18, 2005 2:32 am

just tried the 12 for the first time the other day
i have flown the nitro 14 12 10 and CO2 14 12 6.5

the 12 was way higher preforming than last year this is deffinatly a great kite for the wakestyle type of riding but what i also liked about it was the kiteloops and downloops were way more controllable
the nitro had a little better lift but i definatly felt better unhooked with the Co2

the 6.5 i rode about a week ago it was blowing about a little over 25 kts.

it was supper responsive like all little kites but what really impressed me was how stable the kite became in the gust which were over 30

deffinalty the best wave riding kite i have used

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