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NE Florida Conditions, Launches, Etc. Early In the Year

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NE Florida Conditions, Launches, Etc. Early In the Year

Postby RickI » Tue Jan 18, 2005 2:41 pm

Laxen wrote:Hi!

Im going next week to visit orlando (im from sweden). Im going to bring my kite for surfing i daytona or san aug.

I need help from someone with experiense.

Which kite do I need to bring?

I have 19, 14, 10 .... Is 19 enough? I´m exp. and weigh 90 kg.


Do you have any tips for beaches close to Orlando, write me a tip!!

We could have less than 10 kts. or more than 30 kts. in the first quarter of the year in NE Florida. Realistically, if good winds are on they may fall between 10 and 18 kts. perhaps up to 22 kts. on average. If you can bring them, I would bring all three kites. The St. Augustine area has been getting STRONG winds on and off over the last few months. This time of year, the good winds come with cold fronts much of the time.

For forecasts checkout:

For realtime winds and records of winds in past years in the archives, checkout: ... meoffset=0

You could get in touch with Daryl Drown of Extreme Kites the St. Aug. FKA area coordinator for more info on launches, etc.

In Cocoa Beach, in the area of Daytona and due east of Orlando you could checkout the site of Laitham Kellum, the FKA AC for that area which has a lot of info about local launches at:

More about riding in that area at: phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=2299441

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