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Postby Guest » Mon Nov 04, 2002 10:31 am

any kite can be made to overfly, but typically open cell foils come on handles not bars so its up to you to overfly them or not.

the flysurfers come set up on bars not to overfly, i should know i had 2 mastairs and 3 warriors and now fly psychos. its nothing to do with the design its the set up. if you over depower your warrior, by faulty twiddling, it will overfly, but the profile is such it will drop back and rise slowly, a very controlled luff.

theres no rights and wrongs here guys, just degrees.


Postby Guest » Fri Nov 08, 2002 12:15 am

On my mosquitos I use the 3-line "safety depower" setup. The kite is basically 2-line and the 3rd line is just for the safety. Forget depower it doesn't really work. One nice thing you can do with the "safety depower" in really gusty gonditions is just let go of the bar if you have to adjust your bindings or whatever. The kite folds in half and hangs in the air for a while before landing so many tmes you can just let go of the bar, do what you want with no worries, and then pull in the bar to open the kite up again and take off.

I think the mosquitos are designed to always have some brake line tension as I could not get mine to fly with the brake lines disonnected. If your kite is luffing a lot in moderate gusts you can reduce that by moving the knot on the brake bridle lines where they connect to the main bridles to make them slightly shorter, but if you move the knots too much the kite will not fly as close to the edge of the window and you will loose upwind ability.

For sure the luff resistance on the mosquito is nowhere near as good as the warriors. I took my 9.3 out on the water for a little while today in 16 gusting to 30 knots and the kite did not luff once. Got some pretty wild rides though as well as a big double lift when a gust hit just as I was comming down from a jump.

On 2002-11-02 19:50, Anonymous wrote:

Your experience with the Warriors sounds pretty nice. I've flown the Windtools Mosquito 5.5 and 9.4 and unfortunately my experience wasn't as good as yours. When they would overfly, they'd collapse in the center, nose-dive into the center of the powerzone and reopen with enough force to lengthen my arms a bit (I haven't always been a knuckle-dragger). Aside from that and the lack of a good depower system, GREAT kites though. Did you modify your Mossies to prevent luffing or just ride them with tight brake lines?


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