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gk 15 curl KPO@ 6 months

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gk 15 curl KPO@ 6 months

Postby gottmoore » Wed Aug 18, 2004 3:37 am

a front line flyer along lines of Wipi AB and Takoon
really like this aspect

requirements filled:

-be my main kite
-work from really light air (12) with a surfboard
to medium air 20+ with either a mutt or wakeboard

-be durable
Still holding up really well- all ocean use
some line wear on the KPO, but nothing serious
couple of pin holes in main( my fault)easy fixes

-be responsive to input
best turing kite at this size I've flown to date
KPO helps, but design would work without it IMO

A little complex in the beginning
only because I decided to experment
the system does extend the range of the kite
keeps flaring to minimum
and slightly aids steering
A benefit, no doubt in my mind

NOTE: tie the knots before first flight!

slight leach flutter during downstroke
but not always- typical of kite design for AB & TK

not into valves at ends of main
personal issue- no problems to date

pump gave up quickly

older bar design needed some tweaking
and chicken loop is small
lines could be better marked for newbies

This kite likes to be really rock hard
it does work with less casing tension
but is at its best when hard
softer would be better for heavy crashers

Positives: oversized bladders= less hyperextension injuries
nice fit and finish at struts to canpoy for easy repair if needed
really nice casing materials-stiff and durable
nicer depower strap

the bag is THE BOMB

I like it, obviously
good value
solid design
I think its overlooked

keep in mind I'm 225 lbs
and this kite serves a huge range on 3 boards

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Postby eutanator » Wed Aug 18, 2004 7:42 am

great very honest not biased review


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Postby Bovaboy » Fri Mar 25, 2005 8:07 pm

Am I glad of this review, I have exactly this kite in a box awaiting my birthday. :D

Next weekend is gonna be ace, replacing my old freeair. (Now ripped considering repair or bin)

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