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12mWW Outrage = Outrageousness

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12mWW Outrage = Outrageousness

Postby dewey » Mon Apr 04, 2005 5:45 am

12m Windwing Outrage = Outrageousness

Okay so I’ve been out 3 times on the WW 12m Outrage. Here are my thoughts. First off I’m just getting into my third year of kiting so I guess I’m considered an intermediate kiter. I’m about 200lbs and I was on a 128 x 37. Wind was about 15kts with gusts to about 25kts and lulls at about 8knots. I had a hard time adjusting to the kite; my previous 12m kite was a 03 gaastra GXR. Today everything just seemed to click with the kite. Some of you may have read in other forums that I could not get the SAFE system to deploy. Chalk that up to user error and unrealistic expectations. The safe system will depower the kite about 75%. I guess I was thinking the kite would have no pull at all. Everyone has talked about the bomber construction so I won’t even go there. On the water the kite is very stable. My only mid aspect kite was a 03 9m :thumb: slingshot fuel and that buzzed around like a bumblebee on crack. So I never understood the mid aspect kites being really stable thing. I’ve always flown high aspect kites so comparing to other high aspect kites this one is very stable in the air. The low end is very good not rhino 2 good but I was very surprised at how I was able to keep going in the lulls. The bar pressure is moderate, the GXR was too light and any time you pulled in on the bar the kite would flare and fly backwards. So a bit of pressure is good. Turning speed compared to the GXR, Storm 2, and the Rhino 2, I’d have to say it turns pretty fast (although it’s far from a bumblebee on crack). One of the things that I like about this kite is it sits far forward making upwind a breeze (Today was directly onshore). The thing everyone is talking about this kite is what it’s like to jump with it. I’m sure as I get more comfortable with the kite that will better, but I have to say that today I launched a couple of good ones. It wasn’t the jumping that impressed me, I could have just gotten lucky with that, but the hang time is unreal. I think that’s the thing that impressed me the most with the kite is the fact that you go up and hang, then float down.
Well that’s all I have to say about the kite if you have any questions I’ll try to answer them the best I can.

Can’t wait to put more time into the kite to see what I get out of her!!


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