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rapture 18 review!!!!!!!!!

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rapture 18 review!!!!!!!!!

Postby skagroovy » Tue May 10, 2005 2:04 am

skagroovy here in utah(5000ft) wind 11-14 weight 207lbs on a 127x41cm board...... turns very fast as fast as my north rhino 4's down loop transition no problem. down stroke lots of power and the upstroke and lock it in... up wind very good keep the kite at 45 degrees and you just fly up wind. flys more back in the window when underpowered but still is very easy to not lose ground. wakestyle when well powed lots and lots of pop, great control.

power... very smooth... cc bar complments this kite ... power is a gas on/off just the right amount when you need it. on the high friction setting i could ride no hand and sine the kite with one hand un-real.....

jumps .... wow as high as my rhino but no as vilolent... smooth asent with awsiome hight very foatly and great hang time... landings are very sweet and very easy. did a back loop edged very hard and went so i high the fishermen who had never see kitesurfing were even screaming.

more wind tues day and wen...

safe and relaunch are a piece of cake the, safe kept me out today until 26 knots+

i give this kite an A++++

nothing bad to report with this kite yet////


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