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Postby kitesurfbali » Thu Mar 28, 2002 6:34 pm

Hello kiters,
before starting to kite I use to windsurf for more then 15 years and I was always waiting for the gear test on the wind magazine to see how was the new gear!!!!
But unfortunatly the test was not really reliable, all the sail and board were at least good!!!!! Few times I bought board that got very good report but then work like shit!!! 1 cobra, 1 tiga, 1 f-2, 1 AHD.... plus few sails, same story.......
Have you ever see a bad test about a Neil Pryde Sail???? just for make a name as I only and always use only Neil Pryde but I can tell you that some model really suck!!!!
But in the test they perform always good...
Magazine get money from advertising, they can't speak bad about the brand they advertise.....................
I read a test about wakeboard in one of the recent kitemag, all the boards result excellent!!!! How is that possible, that one is not better then another one!!! Of course you can't pist of the sponsor....
I don't think I can really trust this kind of test, luckly now we have internet with the kiteforum and e-group... I personally like to read the opinion and reaview of regular people on their kite then the review of some pro tester paid.....
Bye Jankie


Postby Guest » Thu Mar 28, 2002 6:46 pm

Hi Jankie,

good point.
As I stated before I'm looking forward to the test report, since I know it will differ from the KITE mag test.
The KITE has 2 or 3 test riders which are sponsored and the has 6-8 riders, most of them not sponsored.
maybe the sponsored riders are better but are they loyal as well or 100% independent?
We will never know.
But if we are able to get more and more test results from mags into the forum, we will see differences and agreements. More test, more agreements. e.g. we have 5 mags, 1 is saying the kite is perfect and for say it doesn't fly at all, we can be pretty sure that one mag did something wrong.

Anyone who is advanced can tell us their opinion about tested kites in comparison to other kites.
So, guys, please post like Jankie already did!


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