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forum for snow- and landkiters

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Postby IRIE » Thu Dec 05, 2002 3:43 pm

I have heard that the bladeII is one of the best kites for snowkiting??? anyone out there have any comments on this animal?

à travers prés (bruno)
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Postby à travers prés (bruno) » Sat Dec 07, 2002 8:29 am

BLADE are awesome on snow .Put handles bar or even a bar with the VPS and go big !i would also consider the new FRENZY from Ozone wich has a depower system and would be much easier to handle in bigs gusts.


Postby Guest » Sat Dec 07, 2002 9:28 pm


Postby Guest » Mon Dec 09, 2002 11:02 pm

blade 2 the mosts table ram air kite ever developed, with awesome pull. I have seen chris calfrop sky higher than every one else on a 4.9 blade 2. I haven't flown a frenzy, but i have spoken to several people who say that it behaves like an inflatable, with a spongy feel and not much pop. nice enough, but not quite up to the hype. think i will wait for the blade 3 vps in spring, and then decidde


Postby Guest » Wed Dec 11, 2002 7:33 pm

Blade II is hardly the most stable ram-air kite. It develops a lot of power for its size and the cost of this is a slightly nervous kite when you fly it near the wind-window. I could easily mention several kites that are more stable, but then again. These kites will not have the same power/size ratio.

Has anyone more to tell about the Ozone Frenzy?

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Postby bubba » Fri Dec 13, 2002 7:59 pm

Nothing on the Frenzy, but my 6.0 & 9.0 Little Devils are way more stable than any Blade. And they have plenty of pop too!

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Postby sq225917 » Mon Dec 16, 2002 2:55 pm

lil devils, are better at top centrering, i wouldn't say they were more stable though.


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