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Peter Lynn Pepper 3.5m review.

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Peter Lynn Pepper 3.5m review.

Postby Scoopy » Thu Dec 29, 2005 2:42 pm

I recently had the pleasure of flying a 3.5m Peter Lynn Pepper. Unlike many of the pepper reviews here, this is not my first kite, and being that I own a shop, I have flown just about everything to come across the market in the US for the last 3 years.

Initial thoughts-

Bag-Well, its a drawstring sac. Much to be expected from a kite in this price range. I see no problems here as when you have many kites, rucksacks just tend to take up more room. The bag does have the sizes on the front with one marked. This will be useful if you have more than one.

Lines-Great lineset. They are sleeved and knotted, but seem to be pre-stretched and equal in length. They are not stitched, but thats okay. Means you can re-equalize them later if you need to. I really dont see this as a problem though.

Handles-Metal with hard foam like material where your hands go. Very comfortable, and seem sturdy.

Kite-Build quality is exactly what you expect from Peter Lynn. It really doesnt need to be discussed because its good. the bridles on the kite again are knotted. This seems to be okay too. With a kite in this price, you have to give somewhere.


Right off the bat Im impressed. Very stable, predictable pull. Seems to move along quite well. I would have to say not as fast as a Buster, but definitely lighter. The low-end grunt of the kite is quite impressive. I really cant say I have flown a small beginner kite that has this type of pull. Not to say that it pulls harder, just has more torque... Seems the best way I can describe it. When the wind builds, its still silky smooth, and just pulls harder. Its probably not the fastest, or the best turning beginner kite on the market, but seems a perfect balance of all. Most impressive was the kite's lift. I have not experienced lift like this from any other beginner kite. Not just dynamic lift, but creates some static lift as well. This translates nicely to lateral pull at the edge of the window.

Im going to put this in the same category as the following kites-
Hq Beamer II
Pkd Buster
Eolo Radsail
I would recommend this kite over all other beginners kites. It just has it where it counts. Having flown begos, blades, samis, bullets, riots, and just about everything else, I would say this kite sits at the top of the beginners kites, and just under the higher performance kites. I real winner. Great job Peter!

Owner, Scoop's Kites

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