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Ocean Rodeo: Diablo 21m Review

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Ocean Rodeo: Diablo 21m Review

Postby JonnyQuest » Sun Mar 12, 2006 5:40 am

Scale of 1-10, 10 being best:

Jumping: 9
low end pull: 8 (for those wake style riders !)
responsiveness: 10
Upwind: 10
Depower: 10
Durability: 10

Well I have had about 7 sessions on my new Ocean Rodeo Diablo 21m and I give it two big thumbs up. First impression is that it is bigger than 21m flat, but it flies smaller in terms of responsiveness. I have ridden it in about 8-18+ knots in dry southern california air, so adjust accordingly if you are lucky enough to have heavy humid air where you ride. Optimal range is 10-15+ knots. (I weigh 160 lbs riding either a 140x46cm board or 134x42cm).

It is one of the best 20m size kites I have yet to fly and I have ridden other 20's such as North, Liquid Force, Slingshot, Gaastra, and Cabrinha. In genereal the Diablos are very quick kites in the air, yet retain a riding characteristic akin to a medium aspect kite, with one major difference ...tons of upwind ability and depower. They have a fifth line attatchment point, but you won't need it!!! :D

With the bar pulled in the Diablo has the grunty pull and pivot-style turning of a lower aspect kite. But as soon as you push the bar away the kite punches up wind, with tons of depower range giving the kite tons of upper wind range. I have yet to feel completely overpowered by this kite and the most I have ridden it in is about 17-18 knots. The only thing I have had to get used to is this kite's desire to punch upwind when you push the bar away. In gusty conditions you have to keep good control of your sheeting or the Diablos will over fly the window, but this is a minor issue and any competant rider can adjust his riding style accordingly! It is more than worth it for the upwind drive and depower you get in return! (and not as much of an issue with the 21, more with the smaller Diablos of which I have ridden the 16m and 14m, Review to come of the 16m! Also, in steady wind you would never even know this is an issue in gusty conditions. It is very stable in steady conditions.)

The Diablo is amazingly fast in the air, with a small leading edge and tiny struts giving it tons of efficiency. I don't know if I have ever had a 20m pull me faster across the water than the Diablo does for its size range. For its size the 21 is very quick through the air! It will also pivot and loop in the upper part of the window, as much as any 20m can or will. (and I am using a 20 inch bar.) I have yet to put a Diablo on a pully bar, but I have the feeling the 16m and maybe the 18m would ride very well on one.

Jumping: Very satisfied, lofty and very predictable ...just keep that bar reigned in!

Lastly, I did drop this kite in 6ft+ surf my last session and it took a fairly good beating with no problems as a result. One look and you can tell they are a well constructed kite with tons of attention to detail!

Ocean Rodeo's '06 kites are definitely worth your time to check out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Postby Jahmi » Tue Mar 14, 2006 1:04 am

Great review. I got a couple of sessions on my 16m Diablo and have been impressed. I like the light bar pressure and speed of the kite.

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Postby EvanOR » Tue Mar 14, 2006 2:05 am

Here's a shot of the 21 in action. :evil:
21 Diablo 003.jpg
21 Diablo 003.jpg (219.92 KiB) Viewed 1656 times

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Postby MANADDER » Thu Mar 23, 2006 7:02 pm

HEre below my impressions on 10 and 14sm Diabloù"Dear Guys,
Today i tryed for the first time my 10 Diablo: Simply Spectacular !
Is areally fast kite It was very difficult to avoid double loop after a Down loop raley...
The lift is very good but the most beautiful think is the control that you can have during the soft landings also in dirty jumps.
In Waves the kite ir really reactive and follows you in all changing of directions.
No Underbugging !
The water relaunch is also good ...some times to much fast...

I found some difficulties in Hps due to that it's H Time take you too much time in the air so you have to wait few seconds for the execution..

a lot of these impressions comes also from the tests that i made on 14sm

Good job Guys !

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