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Postby Guest » Fri Apr 19, 2002 9:00 pm

Has anyone tested the Skoop 12.5 (17m2 flat). Manouvrability, water relaunch (I assume the bridles is very useful with such a surface. How is it compared with Wipika 11.8 2001 and to F-ONE 18 m2. Thanks. Mike

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Postby ptraykovski » Sat Apr 20, 2002 1:48 am

I haven't flown the 12.5 yet, but I have been flying the 10.5 alot recently and it is easily as powerfull if not a touch more powerful than 2001 wipika airblast, even though the skoop is smaller. Hard to believe, but this is really true. Just got off the water in 12-15 mph winds as was nicely powered for 10-15' high jumps. With my 11.8 I would have been powered but not jumping quite as high in this light wind. It turns a bit slower than the wipika AB 10.0 but considerably faster the than the 2001 11.8AB. SO based on this the 12.5 skoop should be considerably more powerfull than the 11.8 airblast.


Postby Guest » Sat Apr 20, 2002 3:54 am

You guys make Skoop sound pretty good! Can you direct me to a USA link for Skoop products? Also, the control bar sounds interesting with quick release safety systems. Can anyone tell me more about that aspect?
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Postby » Sat Apr 20, 2002 4:09 pm

does it have to be USA?
Or is Europe good as well?
Your should compare the prices.
Please feel free to visit our site:

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Postby Toby » Sat Apr 20, 2002 4:13 pm

as to the safety the takoon bar has the most quick releases on the market.

follow the link to its pictures


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Postby ptraykovski » Sun Apr 21, 2002 2:00 am

You could try sending an email to the us distributor to ask about a dealer near you. I know my local shop in cape cod ma, had a 10.5 and 8.5 in stock this am when I stopped by if that is of any interest to you. No 12.5s yet but they said they should be coming out soon. They are

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