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Postby Guest » Fri Apr 19, 2002 9:37 pm

I am currently flying an rrd type 4 11.9 and am interested to buy a companion kite so that I can carry on learning in stronger winds. I have been informed that you should leave around a four meter gap between kite sizes otherwise you will get too big an overlap. It seems to however that people do not really kitesurf that much in really stron winds. IN light winds lots more kitesurfers to windsurfers. Medium winds still a few more kitesurfers. Strong winds loads of windsurfers one or two kitesurfers. Really stron winds over force 6-7 ABSOLUTELY NO KITE SURFERS, lots of windsurfers. So what is the point of getting a kite for strong winds. I have been musing over purchasing the takoon 8.9 or 6.8 or rrd type 4.1 8 meter or waiting for the new X2 to arrive. One of the problems I have which I think is not purely my fault is that my 11.9 in really light winds ie 7-11 knots sometimes just stalls and then falls vertically to the ground . especially if you park at 12 oclock in the wind window. This can be very dangerous on land, and very annoying on the water. Now I am only beginning and more technique would help a bit but I do know what I am doing ie try to keep kite moving from side to side fly it at 45 degrees also, but in light winds it can still unpredictably stall. I have talked to someone with a new Skoop 14.3 meter kite and he claims that these kites are much more stable in the air and less prone to stalling, which is always helpful when learning. Any advice would be appreciated.


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Postby BlueSky » Wed Apr 24, 2002 12:21 pm

If the wind is to light, it's better to enjoy the sun on the beach and save your energy for another time. If your kite drops down, wind is too less for going upwind and jumping, so why would you be on the water? Learning is more difficult with light wind, because of the lack of pressure. You have to steer the kite more.

Last year I was happy with airblast 11.8 (16m2) this year will be Fone Mach1 15.5 or 18.1 (see my post).

Oh well, hope that it helps you a bit.

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Postby Toby » Wed Apr 24, 2002 4:06 pm

Hi Tom,

please note that the RRD 2001 has a quiet heavy front tube. That's why it stalls more often than other kites. Supposely the 2002 RRD kites will be better.
Here we see some kiters going out at wnds up to 8.5 Beauforts. I can fly an ARX 7.5 up to this windspeed. But you have to know exactly what you are doing and need good control over the kite. The small kites can be sooo fast, which can kill you being up in 6-10 m hight and then steering the wrong way which will lead the kite to fly through the Powerzone and excelerating you will hit the water surface very hard.
It is better to take a kite with low AR so it will fly slower.
Good will be the Naish Aero 8 or Rhino Toro 8 (don't knbow the exact sizes yet).
I saw at your listing the Skoop 8.5, which is a projected size. It has about 12 m surface area. Get a kite with around 7-8 sqm surface area, not smaller, since it will be too fast.
And if you have one and go out for the first time with it, take it easy and don't do tricks, get used to it.
It took me 6 month to do all tricks with it I do with a 12 or 16 sqm kite, since you have to get used to its speed.

But in strong winds it is unbelievable fun, since you can shoot yourself high up! (if you like this style)


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