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Kitesurfing School Mallorca

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Kitesurfing School Mallorca

Postby tvkungen » Thu May 25, 2006 6:31 pm

Hi all,

I am going to Mallorca in July and am looking for a school, preferrably in Palma where I will be staying. Essentially what I want to do is take some lessons and perhaps rent some equipment for a couple of days.

Found this beach which is supposed to have a school: ... hp?id=1256

Obviously I have been searching the web like crazy but I havent been able to find contact info to one. Does anybody know if there are any an do you have a link/email/phone numbers? I did find one but the site was in german so it didnt help me much.

Thanks in advance.

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Postby Danijoor » Thu May 25, 2006 8:47 pm

Try Send them an e-mail. They have contact with school.

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Postby balear » Fri May 26, 2006 11:45 am

Forget to go to Palma in July to learn Kite, too many people on the beach.
You have the risk to pay a penalty of 3.000eur, it's up to you....

Go to the north (Pollensa it's the place).

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Re: Kitesurfing School Mallorca

Postby kitesurfgrancanaria » Sat Dec 15, 2012 10:04 am

As the other kite fellow said, Palma, in fact Can Pastilla or Playa de Palma, are not the best option to kitesurfing from a safety point of view.
Thermal winds may start at 12 and last until 14 or 15h, blowing between 8 and 12 kts but this beach is very very crowded and the only possible way in/out is the channel in Can Pastilla.

in any case, nobody should cross the buoys which are placed are 200 mts from the beach neither try kitesurfing in the channel, a the channel it is designed just to go out or come in.
Any wrong doing or ignorance of that rules will suposse a call to the police by any of the beach users which will represent 3000 euros penalty -regardless your nationality or place of residence.

Instead, up North, in Pollensa bay there's an area authorized for the ractice and learning of kitesurfing. There is where most of local kiters go, it is near a road and you should be especially careful of not getting your lines tangled with other kiter's lines.

In fact, kitesurf in Mallorca has two periods, summer and the rest of the year. In summer there are thermal winds, both in Pollensa or Alcudia bays, mostly onshore and between 8 -16 kts generally, and in the South part of the island in Bahia de Palma also, both onshore direction, but when in the North is stronger, on the South, wind be a little lighter.

The rest of the year, things become a lot more unpredictable sometimes no wind at all, sometimes dangerous storms, sometimes good 16-25 kts, actually, most of time there are decent wind conditions depending of the kite and board you are using.

In winter you can have easily 7 to 16 Celsius. A bit of all, as you can see. If you decide to come in summer, and depending of your weight, bring 12- 21 mts kites, in my case, I use Flysurfers Speed 4 Lotus 12, 15 and 21 mts and my weight is 73 kgs.


In the bay of Pollensa - MALLORCA -we enjoy the best learning conditions for our sport, kitesurfing. Learning kitesurfing in Mallorca can be done thanks to ASOCIACION APRENDE A NAVEGAR our non profit KITECLUB.

The courses are open for all people, whatever age or nationality, you just need to join us and become yourself a part of our Kitesurf community.
For a small membership fee, 100 euros per one year subscription, we offer you the possibility to be scorted and assisted, also to use the club's boat when winds are offshore or for rescue if needed. We offer different courses for each level, whether you are an absolute begginer or you need to improve your skills.

Lessons and practices takes place on the beachfront 200 mts after the windsurfing school of Pollentia Club Resort if coming by car from Alcudia.
Our beach is free of sunbathers and it is very shallow, our club owns a boat for monitoring and rescues, which makes the perfect combination for chosing to practice or learn with us.
Kiteschool KITEMALLORCA. CB and Asociacion Aprende a Navegar, registered on the Registro Balear de Asociaciones with number 311000007492 being in posession of all the legal requisites to teach kitesurfen in Mallorca.

Come to Mallorca, enjoy our beautiful island and the good kitesurf conditions of North Mallorca, visite the Bay of Pollensa and kitesurf with us!!



Im Pollensa Bucht - Mallorca genießen wir sichere Wetter- und Lernbedingungen für unseren Sport, Kitesurfen. Lernen Kiteboarding heute wurde möglich dank der Kiteclub VEREIN APRENDE A NAVEGAR

Wir sind aber auch offen für Menschen allen Alterns und Herkunft: egal ob Sie Einwohner in der Gemeinde oder auf der Insel, regelmäßige Besucher oder nur Tourist sind, treten Sie dem Club bei und werden Sie ein Teil unserer Kitesurf-Gemeinschaft.
Wenn Ihr Kitesurfen lernen wollt, bieten wir verschiedene Kurse für untrerschiedliche Level an.
Wenn Dich unsere Kitekurse interessieren, melde Dich per Mail

Gutes Equipment hilft dir enorm, schnelle Lernerfolge zu erzielen, damit Du aber ein guter
Kitesurfer wirst, brauchst Du einen guten Lehrer, und must Du üben, üben, und üben…
Unser Schulboot, vertäut von der Küste, macht das Lernen kitesurf leicht und sicher.

Die Kiteschule finden Sie auf dem Strand 200 mts nach die Eingang vom Pollensa Club Hotel und der windsurfenschule. Das Hotel befindet sich an der Straße von Alcudia nach Puerto Pollensa, etwa 1000 Meter nachdem die Straße auf das Meer trifft.

Besuchen Sie Pollensa Bucht, kommen Sie zu uns!



Here some pics of one of this summer days in which there are just 7 or 8 kts, sometimes up to 10 or max 12 and in which it is very important to have a big kite, 21 mts Flysurfer de luxe! If you want to learn even on the lightest breeze, come and have lessons with us.


Come to Mallorca, visite the Bay of Pollensa and learn or just enjoy kitesurfing under the best conditions of sea and wind. See you there !!

Contact us and we'll be glad to help or assist you.

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