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Mini-review Peter Lynn F-ARC

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Postby Guest » Tue Apr 30, 2002 12:02 am

oh boy this bernie guy is real fun! "windtools importer" wow! importing the worst kitesurf kites ever (remember the condoms and the wastebags *g*) kites in the world until the producer files for bancruptcy (at least thats what i read on the web) is a real reputation for smartness an knowhow about kites - maybe you should test a little more to make up for your lack of common sense before boring us with your biased comments. Open your mind amigo and learn to fly a kite instead of a windsurf sail on strings (you are an ex- windsurfer am I right ? I bet you are, they usually hate fast kites because they cant't handle them)

My advice to everyone who reads this thread is to try it out for themselves and to form your own opinion maybe you like it, maybe not, but so far peter lynn didn't turn out any products that do not work for KITEfliers.


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Postby Toby » Tue Apr 30, 2002 8:37 am

Hi Guys,

you all should come down a little bit.
There is no reason in attacking anyone personally. Don't badmouth anyone here.
There are many riders out there believing in their kites as the best. Whatsoever reason.
There is no "best" kite, since we all are individuals and different.
And if the guys used to fast foils say it is a great kite, maybe they know better to handle it. But I just heard for the first time here, that the F-Arc is for pros only.
In the shops you don't hear that, nor at the beach. So in this point Burnie is right in saying it is nothing for beginners.
If someone should have mentioned it before there would have never been this discussion.

Reading many forums I always hear about a product that it is bad and good within 2 postings. Different opinions, that's the way the forums will be used, to discuss about things with different opinions.
But there is absolute no reason in attacking personally, since it doesn't solve the questions. You can discuss with arguments, not with air. And whatever someone posted longer times ago about any kites - we all develop further. Some kiters loved foils, now ride tubes and the other way around.

So keep this discussion fiendly and related to the topics, ok?

kitesurfer shouldn't talk about kitesurfers, that's a rule and an order!


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