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Postby Guest » Fri May 03, 2002 4:16 pm

fair enough... I just thought that maybe the way nicollo rides would have meant that he could do as many jumps in 1minute as a lot could do in more time. You are probably right! It is hard to compare 2 styles like that though dont you think?


Postby Guest » Sat May 04, 2002 11:22 pm

freeriding guys,no judge no R&B maffia nothing about stress.And what about 200.000$ by an global brand? life is too short. enjoy the ride


Postby Guest » Sun May 05, 2002 9:36 pm


even if we concider Porcella can do a lot of jump in 1 mn, Christo Tasti is a very experienced Rider;; so yes 1 mn of Porcella will beat ME very easily, but still not a top rider


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Postby Alf » Mon May 06, 2002 7:08 am

Well, I heard that in Tarifa the judging was also of questionable quality. Someone who was there (I believe it was Lightwave Dave from the boards) told that Tasti was up against Luciano Gonzales from DR. Tasti was doing low non-technical jumps, while Luciano was doing 10 meter high jumps with multiple rotations, grabs, and no-footers. Everybody knew who was the winner, only the judges let Tasti win ...

Years ago there were ideas (in windsurfing) to make the scoring by the judges electronic, so the people on the beach could see what the judges scored for moves. That way the audience can let the judges know by screaming what they think of it. Might be an idea to investigate further...



Postby Guest » Mon May 06, 2002 4:57 pm

well, both Christo and Luciano are not only good friend of mine but are exellent friends eachother (you have to anderstand that Chris is the one who brought kiteboarding to DR, he is like a legend there and Luciano have a lot of respect for him) but for sure Luciano can be a very good competitor and Chris can be in bad mood..
BUT here again the problem is JUDGES !!! I don't say it is bad because Chris doesn't go through I say that it is bad cause Judges SUX !!! here is the fact !!
the problem with electronic and audience is then you influence the localism.. for exemple if a rider is a local then he will have a big crew to scream at


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