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Worldcup Lake Neusiedl

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Postby Toby » Mon May 06, 2002 4:19 pm

Hi Guys,

just returned from Lake Neusiedl, Austria.

Great weather and wind, which was very gusty.

Later I will post all info for you.

So far:

1. men
Martin Vari

1. women
Cindy Mosey



Postby Guest » Tue May 07, 2002 1:31 pm

ok, here we go:

first of all - I forgot about how nice the summer can be...
The comp started on Friday. Temperatures up to 25-27 C°, sunshine!
The wind was very gusty and direction was south/east. This means in Podersdorf side off winds.
It was very tough to get out, since the kite was stalling many times which was very bad for the wakeboard riders. The comp field was quiet outside, where the spectators could see anything. This was a pitty, since it was very good action on the water, despite the gusty conditions.
Outside the gusts had about 5-6 Beaufort, and low end about 2 Beaufort. So it wasn't easy for any rider.
Same on Saturday, but even stronger gusts.
I used a 12.0 X2 and some gusts hit me big time! (up to 7 Beaufort)

The spot is great, since the whole lake, which is huge, has shallow water.

Since one week before the windsurfcup has been at the same spot, a huge area with boosts, stage, tents, halfpipe, etc has been build up. On Saturday we had about 10000 visitors. Always music around and at night big parties in a huge tent area.
Very nice event, makes fun to think about more of those kind of events in the future!!!

All kinds of kites were out on the water.
The whole Naish team arrived and used X2's.
The new Toro from North made a very good impression, since it turns fast and jumps high.
I could see the RRD Supertype and was able to see/hear it myself, that it flutters. maybe not with all sizes, but with the one I saw (don't know the size).
All riders with any kite did nice airs.
Flash was jumping with his X2 out of the judging area with a nice air and long hangtime!
I didn't see any new special boards, but the X-Shooter looked nice which an Austrian rider was using.

The biggest surprise was Ingrid form Austria.
Her boyfriend Bernie was competing as well. They have a kiteschool directly in Podersdorf.
She started kitesurfing one year ago and it was her 2nd worldcup.
She became 3rd !


1. Martin Vari ARG
2. Flash Austin USA
3. Mark Shinn USA
4. Sebastian Catellan FRA

1. Cindy Mosey NZ
2. Claire Bunton UK
3. Ingrid Koellbichler, AUT
4. Silke Gorldt GER

Unfortunately Cindy is going back to New Zealand and doesn't comp in Europe the next events.

Hopefully I will get some pictures form the event. Otherwise check on


Postby Guest » Wed May 08, 2002 10:17 am

Found a WC Report (in German) with some pictures on in the aficionado online Kitemag Number 4


Postby Guest » Wed May 08, 2002 11:23 am

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