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RRD Super type 12 1st fly

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Postby Guest » Sat May 11, 2002 3:31 pm

Review of the super type 12 if you dont read the kitesurf group

Had a fly of the RRD super type 12 today. Supper kite!!!

Conditions averaged 12-22 with gusts to 25 + knots winter frontal system I weigh in at a healthy 115 kgs and am using a 160*45 tray.

First thing that comes to mind after flying this kite for a couple of hours is it has a fantastic lift/glide feel about it. Just got to love high aspect kites

On the water
This is an awesome kite, as I expect are all the 2002 kites, in the air it is very stable even in the gusty conditions it had a smooth power delivery and very fast forward air speed and is extremely responsive. I flew it on the inboard attachment points and 25m lines +3m leaders and it was very responsive. Up wind is great heaps better than 11.9 RRD, 1120 arc, 9.3 lift. Bugger all steering pressure. It was solid in the air with no hint of jelly belly. The tips do flared a bit with over sheeting.

I got my biggest jump to date today just got to love that ripped off the water feeling. In the air it is well behaved and so easy to correct mistakes as even if you over fly it you can get it back in position fast. I felt like I was getting a lot more glide in the jumps and defiantly more hang.

Wind range
Hard to say after only a couple of hours of gusty wind but I could sine it in the lulls (12 knots) and generate pull but it lacks the low down grunt feel of the type 4 rrd. In the gusts I found that I could just edge the board hard and it would drive fast and high up the window really simular to the 9.3 lift. I didn’t have the kite de-powered and I also had the bar set to full power sheeted almost fully out. My impressions is that it will have a lot of range (just got to luv 2002 kites) My guess for me that I will have fun in 18-28 knots and be able to use it well over 30 knots. Local 65 kg grom was out today on the same kite in same conditions with no problems.

Water relaunch
Don’t know didn’t drop it didn’t feel like I was going to drop it. Don’t think it will be an issue. It did self launch off the beach with no problems if that means anything.

Some interesting construction ideas that I like. Still using the 6 layer techo (what ever that is ) Dacron in leading edge and struts but it feels lighter than lasts years type 4s A diagonal style segmented leading edge that keeps the curve shape with big diameter at the tips. Segmented struts with a good foil shape built in, one way valves on the out board ones. Large tips (huge) two attachment points. Round carbon fibre rods in the tips that have heat shrink on the ends to help with any wear problems. Reinforced leach and diagonal stitched panels help to keep the kite profile drum tight. Flat stitching on the leading edge under the kite fabric will keep wear down.

Well as you can tell I liked the kite.

Cheers Shane

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Postby Toby » Sun May 12, 2002 8:22 pm

thanks for this report!

Did you notice if the end of the kite flutters?
I heard about this before and saw it at the worldcup in Austria myself.
Maybe it happens to some kites only and not all?



Postby Guest » Mon May 13, 2002 12:43 am

didnt notice it on the RRD ST 12

the type 4's use to flutter alot in under power conditions and you could hear them farting when you jumped and sheeted out. this dosent seem to happen on the supertype. i will look out for it next time i am on the water.




Postby Guest » Tue May 14, 2002 10:51 am

Hey toby spent about an hour on the beach watching young dan ride the suppertype 14 in 8-10 knots on the 4'10" ? RRD dirctional and did not notice the tips fluttering. the supertypes that we have got do not have that cut out along the leach as shown in the RRD info.



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