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How to jump a KGB?

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Postby Guest » Tue Dec 04, 2001 9:34 pm

I just know, that it is called KGB and I saw it in the Powerzone 2 video. A handle pass upside down. How do I learn that thing and what exactly do I have to do?


Postby Guest » Wed Dec 05, 2001 5:54 pm

Find a cable wakeboard park and ride you ass off all day every day for a year or two and then maybe you will be able to land a KGB. Its essentially a back roll thrown NO WHIP without using the kite. You go into a back roll. Stop your rotation in the middle of your roll turning your head back the opposite direction and passing the handle. In other words. Its F#%& HARD MAN. The only rider doing them is Lou Wainman. The guy you saw in the video. Lou used to wakeboard a lot. Hope I cleared things up for you.

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Postby murdoc » Wed Dec 05, 2001 7:24 pm

hey there!
lou's sick stunt was in the last issue of kiteboarding magazine.

here's the pic:

<img src="">

sorry for the bad scan.
i hope, i didn't violate any copyrights :-/

but if u like it, buy the mag! it's definately the best kiteboarding-mag there is, and that's not the only sick pic-sequence you'll get there!!!



Postby Guest » Wed Dec 05, 2001 8:43 pm

ok, never mind, I'll work on my 360's :smile:

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