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Mach2 12.0

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Mach2 12.0

Postby Toby » Fri Feb 07, 2003 6:32 pm

F.One Cyprus

This kite has huge windrange. On my WT137 I can start upwind and small jumps at 13knots. So far I put the kite up when it was gusting 25knots. No problem. Although I need more time on the water to establish the high end, I would say that the FUN range is from 16 - 24knots, but with the ability to handle gusts in the high 20ies. That's for me : 65kg rider.

Performance in the FUN range is impressive as the jumps get very high with great hangtime and soft landings. The kite is fast enough which allows you to go big even if you are not that powered up, but it's far from nervous; you are never too late bringing the kite forward after a jump, even if you do it just before the landing. Trimming can be a bit tricky, if don't get the trim right you lose. But once you're past that then you won't be dissapointed.

The bar is pretty light but you can feel the position of the kite without looking. Compared to the Norths it is lighter. Compared to a friend's Scoop 14.3 and to the older Naish it is also lighter.

I get the "is the MachII 12 an expert rider kite?" question quite often. If this is your only doubt then go for it. Personally, I think an intermediate rider who is at the stage of learning tricks, rotations, etc is better off with a high performance kite. A kite that jumps higher, hangs longer and goes upwind better will help the rider more at this stage. It will give him more time (in the air) and ground (upwind) to practice new moves. Sure it will be higher AR and faster but this "price" you pay will also make you a better kite flyier. Don't think the MachII 12 is a nervous kite. Far from it. It's just fast enough for a 12m kite.

Bora Bora

I have the mach2 for a while now .. It 's not an intermediate kite for sure i'm tented to say that it perform to much .. not easy to get used to it and very powerfull when it gets speed this kite won't allow any mistake .
The kite pressure in the bar is very low it's good but sometime you loose the feeling of where it is ...
but when the wind is strong it's an amazing kite ..

Amazing that u can handle a 12 in so much wind i tried in 25 steady with gust over 28 and till u keep the control it's not so hard and for that it's a very good kite... the kite is very stable because it's light weight and fly on the front lines so it won't fall by himself this point is ok .. if u pull to much on, the bar it can make it fly backward but less than with the mach1 .. to my opinion the danger comes when u can't see the kite and things turn wrong so u don't really know where it is Because of the very light pressure in the bar u will do unwanted mouvement that can make the kite getting suddenly a lot of speed and power... the sentence won't be long

The Power

I've been using this kite for 3-4 days now in strong to light to medium winds and once in about 6-8 knots on a beach. In response to weather this is an intermediate kite. The kite is extreemly stable even in very light winds 6-8 knots especially at the zenith my previous kite was prone to luffing and stalling you always had to keep an eye on it. Its relauch characteristics are truly excellent you just have to swim a little towards it and it falls on to its back relaunch is easy from there. I was led to beleive that high aspect ratio kites were harder to relaunch but my previous 11.9 rrd was much trickyer in any sort of wind the only way of turning it onto its back was to pull in about 3 metres of leader lines and hope for the best. People have described this kite as trim sensitive I would describe it more as sailor sensitive. You have to be aware to keep it sheeted out especially when sining it as it will generate more power this way. Its performance in lighter winds is good as is its performance in stronger winds. You can gererate allot of pull in this kite by sailing fast in light winds and the pull will build. I am kiting with this kite when others are using 9 and 8 sq metre kites and it is still comfortable. I am not very good at tricks and this kite will not forgive you if you misdirect you. If you time it right its lift and hang time are scary.


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