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bi-directional choice !

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Postby Guest » Mon May 27, 2002 11:31 pm

.... my kite is naish 15,5 (arx), my weigth is 73 Kg.....
I ask you for help me to choice my next board (bi-directional).
what size of board select from :
Drops slash , and
RRD airtrixx or other ????
... and what wind range I have with my kite and the board that you suggest ????

PS. : actually my level is intermediate

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Postby PMad » Tue May 28, 2002 2:11 am

I've been looking into the x-shooter that Toby referred us to in an earlier post. ( For sure the board has gorgeous design!

Still haven't decided, though.. the only issues are 1) I foresee that this board might be for more advanced (to expert) surfers. 2) I am not sure how much taxes/customs-taces will be imposed when importing the board into the US (boards are made and sold in Germany).

Otherwise, my search sofar has shown that I should keep away from Wipika's Eclipse, and probably stay closer to a f-one TT170 or Cabrinha Prankster.

Hope this gives you some hints,
j. (aka pMd)

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Postby phree » Tue May 28, 2002 4:10 am

No doubt the X-Shooter is a great board. I think it's in an elite class of trend setting boards out there right now.


I understand they may have a U.S. Distributor soon. You may also want to check out the Underground Wavetray. I've had some difficulty locating the Wavetray in the U.S. However, there is another board that is apparantly similar to these. It is the Slingshot Drake.


This board is part of the new "skate" series by John Doyle. Also a light weight board, it is 147cm X 37cm with sharp rails, full tips and six fins. Comes with those plush Doyle footstraps and a new coating that supposedly protects the board's finish. I haven't tested this board yet but people are saying great things about it. If anyone else can comment on this board, please do. One thing is for certain: You can get one hell of a deal on this board if you don't mind minor cosmetic seconds! Kiteworld has it for $470.00 (U.S.) Take a look here, if you want:

Good luck with your hunt and test 'em first if you can. Otherwise, do your homework really well!

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Postby x-shooter » Tue May 28, 2002 8:47 am

please note that this board isn't only for experts!
On sunday a guy tried it, and it was his 5th time on a board and he had a great time.
It is so easy to ride with, you just stand on it and go! It doesn't matter if you are beginner or expert. All will have fun immediately on it. It is not a marketing trick, it is what we experienced at the beaches, that riders of all levels are having a great time on it.

The first board to the USA will go out today and go to San Francisco, California.
If anyone in this area is interested to test it, let us know and we will give you the contact.


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Postby Royce » Tue May 28, 2002 11:35 am

I get a hold of all the RRD Airtrix boards today. We have a couple of the BiDi intermediate/ Learners boards and the construction is killer. I imagine that with a year warranty and the construction and design on these boards they will be at the top of the market. I'll let you know how they go once I ride them all.
Aloha Royce.

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Postby murdoc » Tue May 28, 2002 12:06 pm

can tell you:

i had a brunotti 160 board where i didn't have a good time on, so i only rode my directional ...

i tried the x-shooter on a day with rough conditions:

wind was 2-7bft, very gusty and waves (some shoulder-high)
-> no shallow water.

after the third time of riding out. loosing height and walking back,
i got it. if there had been shallow water and constant wind, i guess it would have taken about 30mins to learn how to go upwind on this board.

(didn't get it to actually get back to the starting-point because i got washed off the board too much ... )

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