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Ocean Rodeo Dry Suit

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Ocean Rodeo Dry Suit

Postby Webmaster » Fri Feb 07, 2003 7:07 pm


I brought in to Israel an OR Dry Suit for a special order, and got to test it out the other day. I was really curious about it, but seeing it and waring it, and jumping into the water with it made me realise that this could mean the end of the wet suit for a lot of kiters, even in Israels relatively warm winters.

I put it on over my clothes - Jeans, and sweater, then ran in the water. NOT a DROP got in, diving under waves, swimming, jumping, etc. Unfortunately there was no wind, so I could not shoot about behind a kite, and get some real splash time, but seeing the seals, and their effectivness, I can imagine that they are just as effective behind a kite.

Warmth is great! I was sweating, as it was a warm sunny day - maybe 22 degrees C, so ideally I should have been in boxers and T shirt, but for those cold, cloudy, windy, stormy days that we all love, it is going to be brilliant.

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Postby kitingkt » Tue Feb 25, 2003 1:54 am

i got mine for the cold NW weather here. one layer of fleece, just like for the mountain. the baggy fit takes some getting used to but, the movement is great and when you are done, you are dry and warm.

great buy.

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