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Attention all kiteboarders - you must read this

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Postby Toby » Fri Jun 07, 2002 10:41 pm

unfortunately I have very bad news:

German Silke Gorldt, one of the best kiteboarding ladies of the world, died today at the worldcup in Germany.

Following happend:
while doing a routine tack maneuver resp. a start from the beach the kites of Silke and another participant got tangled. Both participant were pulled towards each other. To have a better control of the dangerous situation the other kiter unhooked and flew his kite without harness. Unfortunately the both kites didn't come apart and the situation worsened. The resulting forces became to strong to control and the unhooked rider lost his bar. The bar got stuck in Silke's Line so that the second kite settled above the other. Then it began to spiral in the powerzone. Both kites developed forces that became uncontrollable. Silke was pulled over the water with high speed. She was pulled over two wooden wave-breakers and came to a halt in a fence on the beach.

When she got dragged she tried to get out of the depower loop, but couldn't get out of it.
So this should be a signal to all of us and more important to all kite producers to sell kite with quick releases only!
And for us as riders, don't go out without a quick release!

God bless Silke

exact info:

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Postby RickI » Fri Jun 07, 2002 10:48 pm

I am so sorry to hear of Silke's accident. My sincere condolences go out to her family and friends. This incident raises many serious issues and areas for reform that deserve discussion and action. For now however, I wish to express my sincere regret over this sad accident.

Rick Iossi

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Postby urbanr » Fri Jun 07, 2002 11:35 pm

I would like to add my condolences and further the request for riders to mount quick release systems when not factory installed.

I posted a thread a month or two ago titled "Baltic Coast Masacre". I was lucky to have bailed out of my predicament having already been dragged 50m over the beach and through a chain linked fence.

The first thing I did before taking my Flysurfer kite out again was to purchase the updated quick-release chicken loop.

I haven't needed to use it yet... which is fine... what's better is that I know it's there.

Again, my sincere regrets...


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Postby PMad » Fri Jun 07, 2002 11:52 pm

I am very sorry to hear this. I also would like to express my sincere regrets to Silke's relative and friends.

This is a sad day for the whole kiting family.

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Postby phree » Sat Jun 08, 2002 12:02 am

What an terrible accident. I'm sure we all feel awful for her and her loved ones. I hope the local kiteboarding community is able to come together with an appropriate show of condolences to her family when and if it's appropriate. Here on the forum, we should take a closer look at some of our safety proceedures but not in this thread. This thread is for Silke and I offer my moment of silence to honor her.

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Postby phree » Sat Jun 08, 2002 12:04 am

Echo the sounds of silence...

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Postby ctkiteboarding » Sat Jun 08, 2002 12:36 am

our prayers are with her and god speed, she was one of the nicest people i had the pleasure to meet

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Postby Trikke » Sat Jun 08, 2002 10:06 am

God bless her.

Always think about what you do.


Postby Guest » Sat Jun 08, 2002 11:18 am

I met her at the worldcup in 2001- she was a nice girl- god bless her..

I hope that everybody installs a quick release so that this won´t happen again..

i will never hook into the harness on land...



Postby Guest » Sat Jun 08, 2002 1:54 pm

Very Very sad news, especially when such an extremely nice and young person as silke is taken away from her beloved sport (I met her during the worldcup in the last two years - she had too many plans to die that early) my deepest condolecence to her friends and family.

BUT what makes me extremly sad is that accidents like this this CAN BE AVOIDED if people would use their BRAINS before starting a Powerkite in extreme conditions (anything beyond 5bf)!!

1. YOU f*#&% BRAINLESS IDIOTS (sorry, but stupid people make me angry) who ride without a working kite safety USE A KITE SAFETY THAT DEPOWERS YOUR KITE 100 % even in extreme gusts!
I AM TIRED OF LAME EXCUSES (handlepasses) for not using the proper safety equipement in kiteboarding - this time it did cost the life of a young lady who had outstanding kiteskills, but (as reported - i wasn't there) did not use proper safety equipement by herself (chicken loop quick release, impact vest, (helmet?)) - but next time this type of stupidity can cost your life, the life of another kiter or bystander TOO !

REMARK by Admin: please note that it wasn't a handlepass or trick when he had to let go.
The initial posting has been changed according to eye-witness reports, which you can find here:

2. IF YOUR KITE DOESN'T DEPOWER 100% when the safety is applied use a diferent safety setup OR think about using a different KITE (YES, there are kites on the market that are 100 Safe in high winds when you let go of the bar and activate the kite safety, not only arcs also some inflatables)

3. ALWAYS use a SNAP SHACKLE or new wipika style RELEASE on the Chicken loop in Addition to your kite safety

4. ALWAYS mount your kite safety to your harness, never use a velcro attachement to your arm

5. Always use a quick release shackle for the kite safety,too (in case you have to let go of the complete kite e.g. kite gets hit by another kiters kite or fast traveling boat)

6. Extensively and regularily TRAIN the USE of your Saftey Equipement BEFORE you have to USE IT in an actual emergency situation

additional, compiled Information on safe Kiteboarding can be found on my personal website in the kite-info section (sorry international readers, so far only in german)

Kiters Please use your brain, check our equipement BEFORE you put up any powerkite - as seen in this tragic accident you can not only safe your own life, but also the life of someone else.

Sad Regards


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