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Early review of Flexifoil Storm2 12.0 by Callum

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Early review of Flexifoil Storm2 12.0 by Callum

Postby Guest » Thu Mar 06, 2003 4:56 pm

Hi Guys and Gals, had a ride on a storm2 12m on sunday for a couple of hours... thought I'd post a littel review, will post more once I recieve my own kites, the 12 I tried was one of only 3 storm2's to land in austrlia so far...

Before I begin - disclaimer time, I am a flexifoil team rider in oz, I have only spent 2 hours on this kite...

Pre Flight impression, Nice construction and nice appearance, the apearance of the kite is quite pleasing, everyone I spoke to thought so... Construction looked good qaulity - as are the storm1's - you wouldn't expect them to go backwards in this department... No sign of missed stitches, or restitches... there system of strut atachment to the leading edge is nice, it's done in a diamond shape instead of the usual straight line, it looks good, and provides a very stiff connection - the naish X3 struts are similar and look for most other manufacturers to follow suit... Watching the kites flying the tip design (swept back) looks like a much more natural finnish to the kite than the cut off apearance of square tips - any performance increase? who knows, to early to tell... I'm sure it is no worse... Watching another team rider ride them they look very stable - as most new kites do, so thats great!

Flying, I went out in 16-20 and it built to about 20-25 while I was out, weighing 93ish kg and riding a 147 I wasn't super powered at anystage - especially with the current going in the same direction to the wind... in 16-20 I could stay upwind easily enough which I was quite impressed with - it definatly indicates to me the storm2's not to be super high end kites like the X2's etc. The kite was smooth and quick to turn, fast flying through the window but not rediculously quick... Jumping, it seamed to lif very early when sending it back - it threw my timing of jumps out completely compared to what i am used to on the storm1's... but I was impressed it will be good to spend more time and get the timing down pat. I had some great waverides, trying to go down the line, the wind was a little too onshore but it was fun trying - the kite can really be flung around quickly which is great for riding waves..

So impression of it was good, need more time obviously - when i get my kites I'll be sure to keep everyone informed... should be by the end of march I believe...


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