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 Post subject: ... WILL IT WORK, Part II
PostPosted: Thu Mar 06, 2003 5:23 pm 
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Reliable kite leash function is CRITICAL in the sport of kiteboarding. Wondering whether something with the power to hurl you dozens or hundreds of meters or to move a mini van will actually STOP or depower on demand isn't a great situation.

Having an unreliable kite leash is similar to driving routinely with brakes that may or MAY NOT work and just accepting the situation. To some degree due to limitations in devices we have had to accept this situation somewhat to date.

The manufacturers seem to be listening, learning along with the rest of us and are innovating new systems to improve the reliability of proper leash ("BRAKE"), functioning. Still more improvement may be needed to increase reliability. This should be a simple topic, BUT IT ISN'T SIMPLE AND WE NEED TO PAY ATTENTION AND ACT WITH CARE.

So, what are some of the problems that have interfered with proper kite depowering leash functioning:

1. Can't release the chicken loop.


Can't unhook due to force on hook or twisting of the loop on to the hook, snap shackle won't open or properly release the chicken loop, pin release won't release easily enough.


Consider using a release mechanism that is regularly maintained and tested. The accident experience implies that just "hooking in" may not be all that safe. Of course using an attachment/release mechanism maybe not real safe either if it doesn't release. Few absolutes in this but we need to do something to improve reliable leash performance. Pay attention to new developments and experience with new and existing systems. AVOID circumstances that FORCE you to use the leash by using good judgment and carefully built experience.

There is lots more information and experience detailed on this in:




and many other threads.

Soon to follow:

2. Insufficient Leash Length

3. Twisting of lines/leaders, line breakage

4. Inadvertant release of leash attachment by powered kite

Sounds complicated, maybe, then again that is where things are at currently.

FKA, Inc.

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Rick Iossi

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 06, 2003 6:26 pm 
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Why hasn't kite control system development focused on the concept of the kite being depowered when the QR is released, or when you are unhooked?

Is it because we cant design kites to fly off the front lines? and therefore the outside bar lines attach to the trailing edge of the kite?

for example: A sailboats sails are powered when the sheets are trimmed in. If they slip on the winch, or a sheet breaks, or some other component fails it usually results in a reduction of power stuation (albeit not necesarily desirable)

With kite controls we do the opposite: we trim the power strap in to depower, if we unhook and we are then max powered.

Theres got to be a better system???

I woke up thinking about this last night...wierd huh? You KNOW I'm not riding enough and thinking too much....


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PostPosted: Fri Mar 07, 2003 12:43 am 
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I never did like the clamcleat trim arrangement for the reason Roberto states.

Making a trim that will depower if it slips or fails is a logical place to start.

Is is possible to evenly/equally adust the back lines instead?
The trim adjustment would have to be a single point of course, and link to both back lines. The backlines have much less tension than the fronts, so the trim device can be a lighter load rating , where as the front line trim that carries the load will want to, and eventually slip.


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