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2008 11m Ozone Instinct Edge 2

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Felix KF
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2008 11m Ozone Instinct Edge 2

Postby Felix KF » Mon Jan 28, 2008 11:30 am


After a long wait, I was finally able to fly the 2008 11m Instinct Edge yesterday at Kurnell with a few other people. You can see my review of the 07 which was the first time I’d flown an Ozone at: ... C_ID=30662" onclick=";return false;

The following is a comparison (so far) of my experience with the 08 yesterday and the 07 which I’ve been flying (and love) for about 4 months now.

APPEARANCE: Build quality is the same high standard. The most noticeable differences to look at are the very narrow struts and leading edge, one pump tubes, an extra line on the 5th bridle and the wider wing tips. I also noticed two knots at the end of the 5th bridle attachment point.

PERFORMANCE: I flew this kite for less than an hour and will be able to add/confirm detail to this review later. But so far….. very similar to the 07 in most respects, just improved substantially in all areas. On pumping with One-Pump.. very easy with just a clip off of each strut. I’ve never enjoyed packing up One-pumps because of the residual air in the bladders. I’m happy to say that the pack up time and effort was absolutely no different to my 07. Although narrow, the struts seemed amply rigid with my normal pressure in the leading edge (not sure how much that is). I can’t comment on “cold water softening” as I did not put the kite in the water and have never experienced this softening effect previously.

The kite not only turned faster than the 07 but seemed to do so much better at low speed as well. Power through the turns is more smoothly delivered across the window, particularly in loops. The 08 is much faster across the wind window. I’m no expert, but I think the thinner LE makes the kite faster through the air in general. The wind increased from 15-27 knots during the day. No one was overpowered at any stage so I’m suspecting it’s high end is quite good. I can’t comment on the absolute low end as the wind was never really lighter than 15 or so knots. Jumping was typical Edge stuff…. high and long hang time. It felt a little better to jump than the 07. I think with a few more hours on the water to get the extra speed of the 08 dialed in, I’ll be able to say that the jumping is substantially better. Bar pressure seemed a little higher than the 07 which some think was too light anyway. The depower stroke at the bar seems longer also and the kite seems to shut down a little more than the 07. I don’t mind some residual pull in the kite personally, so this effect was neither here nor there for me.

I haven’t really found any negatives with this kite yet but will post them if I do. I believe that genuine feed back is a great way to improve our sport.

We have some good winds forecast this week which will give me more time on the 08 11 Edge. I’ll post any new info or changes to the above review as it comes to light.

Hope this was of some help.



bern dogg
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Re: New Ozone Instinct Range 2008

Postby bern dogg » Mon Jan 28, 2008 1:31 pm

hi ian,
thanks for the feedback.
cant possibly decide whether to have my biggest kite 13m to be sport or the edge.
will really appreciate if you can advice if the edge excel wakestyle unhooked powered moves??

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