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Blade kites 2008 site online

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Blade kites 2008 site online

Postby duinkiter_rod » Wed Mar 05, 2008 10:37 pm

go check it out!

I love my vertigo 08 9m² :D :thumb:

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Re: Blade kites 2008 site online

Postby cSuttner » Thu Mar 06, 2008 12:54 am

It looks like they abandoned the geo-tech type version of the beast. I wonder if this was because of patent problems? or maybe the geo-tech didn't live up to what they expected?

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Re: Blade kites 2008 site online

Postby Cavamondo » Thu Mar 06, 2008 7:36 am

Their CL Release is a bummer unhooked.

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Re: Blade kites 2008 site online

Postby zenna kitesurf » Sun Mar 09, 2008 5:28 pm

Blade have worked hard this past year to get everything right and the new Vertigo 08 is a credit to them.
Blade have made some top noch changes to the kite this year re-enforcing the LE,
Changing the design slightly to make it more stable.
The stability of the kite has been greatly improved even thought the 07 good. The bar pressure is wicked for a beginner this a good enough to feel what the kite is doing, The feel is good.
Love the grip.
Including three settings to the wingtips like the C-shape.
But the biggest change is the MAD system.
1 Pump, or do I want single pump.
This system is awesome you can change from 1 pump to single pump in minutes,
A nice little touch they have added is the handle on the inside of the wingtip for self rescue and launch/landing.
The bar has come through some changes too, finger grip on the bar, Oh shit handles,
anti tangle on the de-power strapes. and a leash.
The kite can now be flown 4/5 lines.
and still have the safety.
The kite is just awesome.
The feedback we have been getting on the kites is all positive
We have sold a good amount in the UK already and new stock arriving soon.
Not seen the Beast 08 yet, But I know they have kept the same design as 07 but with some slight changes.
They have got rid of the Goe-Tech due to performance.
Blade have made a good impact in the UK from a company no-one had ever heard to a company that most beaches flying Blade kites.
But this wouldn't have been poss without the dedication to the sport and listening to the feedback the public ( you ) have given us.
Wether its bad or good Blade don't see negative feedback its all about giving the flyer a safer and better kite.

O the new Boards arriving in the uk this month .
Check out the Scalper.

By the way the site looking Boss
Good Work Blade
Hurry up with my kites Yaron.

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