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Competition Safety

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Competition Safety

Postby RickI » Wed Jun 12, 2002 7:28 pm

Two responses (please see below), have been received from two competition organizers to the following letter. The trend is encouraging.

It would be good if similar reforms could be placed into effect by manufacturers/sponsors with regard to team riders. I understand that discussions are currently underway evaluating these considerations by some manufacturers. Looking forward to reading about developments and reforms both in for future competitions and for team rider use of leashes, etc.

The letter:

I am an avid kiteboarder and am concerned about this sport. Virtually all pro and competitive riders don't use safety gear and trust to skill and luck in avoiding accidents. Recent accidents show that skill alone is not enough to protect riders from injury. Some simple safety gear is needed to avoid future accidents and incidents.

This is a potentially dangerous, extreme sport that will always have some accidents, I know and accept that. I would like for logical precautions to be taken to avoid the needless accidents that will happen in the future for want of simple safety gear.

I ask that in the interest of a successful, well received event that you make kite leash AND safety release loops and/or snap shackles MANADATORY at your competition. It would also be good if you strongly recommended the use of helmets and impact vests. I expect that riders won't like this and will complain but this logical, responsible step is necessary. I have little doubt that this will come to pass at some point after enough injuries have occurred among riders and perhaps bystanders. I ask that you do it now, before more incidents occur. Thanks for your time and consideration in this matter.

and the responses to date:

From the Gorge Games Organizer:

>From: "Rufus Frost" <rufus>
>To: "Rick Iossi" <flkitesurfer>
>CC: "Tobias Blanck" <tobias>,<jj>,"Rick Bahr" <wmigorge>
>Subject: Re: Upcoming kiteboarding event
>Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 13:21:54 -0400
>Thanks for your suggestions. I have copied our comps director and medical
>leader and plan to discuss.

and from Mauricio Toscano of the PKRA:

>From: Mauricio Toscano <mauricio_in_maui>
>To: Rick Iossi <flkitesurfer>
>Subject: Re: Upcoming kiteboarding event
>Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 10:08:07 -0700 (PDT)
> Hi Rick
>Thanks for you input on the safety aspects of the sport. We will for sure implement some new safety aspects in all the PKRA competitions.
>Mauricio Toscano
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