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Ozone Alaskan Snowkite Tour 2008

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Ozone Alaskan Snowkite Tour 2008

Postby Windzup » Thu Mar 20, 2008 3:01 pm

Ozone’s Alaskan Snowkite Tour 2008

The Snowkite Freeride continues with the Grand Finale to the North American Basecamp Tour, taking place once again in the last frontier of Alaska. In addition to Backcountry Basecamps and Kite-Mountaineering expeditions, this year continues the second annual Wind Rally at Thompson Pass near Valdez, featuring an RV caravan to one of the nation’s most amazing roadside Snowkite destinations. Hop in with the Ozone Family, including Heather Schenck, Rob Whittall, James Brown, Ken Lucas, Andrew McGarry & more as they hit the northern most road in search of fun.

• Join the Ozone Team at Thompson Pass near Valdez, where snowkites are replacing helicopters as the ultimate backcountry ski tool for non-stop riding in Alaskan powder. Amazing terrain, strong winds and fresh snow have made this a favorite stop for Ozone Snowkiters and Designers seeking the ultimate session of the season.
• Team athletes and fellow Snowkiters will continue the third year of Kite-Mountaineering and wind exploration on the Bagley Ice Field. For a recap of previous adventures, see Men’s Journal for the 2006 trip and Kiteworld for the 2007 journey. This is the largest Ice cap south of the pole, and features hundreds of miles of kiting terrain.
• Another Team of Snowkiters will attempt a new adventure, kiting across a Volcanic Island on Alaska’s Aleutian chain. This un-kited island produces strong coastal winds and an alpine snow pack... potential conditions for an epic Snowkite expedition.
• A crew of Telemark skiers are taking Ozone Snowkites into the Chugach range for a month of ski-touring and kite-mountaineering, following the spring snow and then riding the melt off on pack rafts down the Copper River.

Alaska by land, sea & air. While some will fly in to remote glaciers on small planes, or be dropped off for the day by a helicopter, others will travel over water to their destinations, while some choose not to suffer, and live the dream of Snowkiting in a warm home on wheels. Touring Alaska with an RV opens up the snowkiting options and the ability to follow the best weather conditions. An Ozone Snowkite demo near Anchorage will kick off the tour, allowing riders to explore the amazing options near the largest city in Alaska. From their, the RV caravan will head out towards Valdez for the remainder of the tour. There are many options along the way, with both known and virgin areas to Snowkite. Thompson Pass is the ultimate destination, and just as it has been the prime spot for both helicopter and backcountry tours in AK, it is also the perfect terrain for the next generation of Snowkiters seeking to adapt to the biggest mountains. Last winter we found endless half-pipes, skate parks and giant mushrooms covered with feet of thick powder, this year is already shaping up better with Snowkiters reporting epic sessions on their Manta II’s already! After Thompson Pass, the Teams will head out on their separate missions in search of wind powered and gravity fed fun in the farther corners of the region… good luck to everyone, here’s to strong wind and fresh snow!

The latest prototypes of next winters Snowkites have just arrived, and the Team is stoked for an amazing week of riding, testing and filming in the challenging Alaskan conditions. Look for a follow up this spring in leading magazines and on our website at" onclick=";return false;.

For details on joining the tour with the Ozone Team or visiting the crew on the road for a day, drop a line to or call 435-462-5303.
Thompson Pass and sign.JPG
Thompson Pass and sign.JPG (58.66 KiB) Viewed 573 times
Exploring Thompson pass, AK.JPG
Exploring Thompson pass, AK.JPG (38.94 KiB) Viewed 573 times
Parking and Launch area.JPG
Parking and Launch area.JPG (58.36 KiB) Viewed 573 times

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Re: Ozone Alaskan Snowkite Tour 2008

Postby akwisner » Fri Mar 21, 2008 7:25 am

Bring it on!!!
The kiting in Thompson Pass has been EPIC lately. We have had tons of fresh powder and steady winds every day for the past few weeks. It will be great to see some other kiters around here, as we have been riding solo all winter.
Can't wait to see you guys up here!!!


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