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The ideal light wind kite

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Re: The ideal light wind kite

Postby Tarnman » Sun Jan 27, 2008 1:11 pm

Hi Guys,

The Crossbow 3 12m, is the best lightwindkite i have riden so far.
Used it in El Gouna by avg 7 kts. with a door. I am 72 kilos.
While other riders were loosing hight with their new Bandit 13m, 14m Vegas- and 16m Airrushkites, I was gaining hight with no problems at all. The Airrushkiter even used exact the same Board as I and was of identical weight, but was kompletly chanceless!
It was realy a lot of fun to follow the Airrush guy downwind and then to ride back up, while he had to walk. :lol:

I can imagen that even 5 kts would make it possible for me to hold hight.

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Re: The ideal light wind kite

Postby long_point_86 » Fri Feb 22, 2008 8:11 pm

sjdavies wrote:2006 Airush Reactor 21m, the reactor is supposed to be one of the fastest turning kites on the market (good for low winds), the testers said they were able to do kite loop tricks in 8 knots.
I'd like to see somebody loop a 21m :jump:

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Re: The ideal light wind kite

Postby Chingadero » Fri Feb 22, 2008 9:36 pm

DrLightWind wrote:
joshua wrote:a buddy of mine was just testing out the new eze 13m from freakdog, (EH's american retailer) and he was going in 5kts on a skim board, albeit slowly, but still riding. where will technology take us next? watch the video on
I don't believe it, maybe 7 knots on a big board and light rider.

Do you have a video to prove it :?:

Its true. 5 knots, 140cm board, EZE 13, no current & went upwind at times. Did it, got the t-shirt! Literally.

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Re: The ideal light wind kite

Postby Galeorn » Fri Feb 22, 2008 10:34 pm

for me and light light wind I use Havoc 08 14m² (75kg) with 128x39 TT...

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Re: The ideal light wind kite

Postby stefaans » Fri Feb 22, 2008 11:37 pm

BS!!! you guys are full of it. you can't even get a trainer in the air in 5knots. Did do 400MPH this morning on the highway in my Prius.

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Re: The ideal light wind kite

Postby Braxton » Sat Feb 23, 2008 3:38 am

Stefaans I had my 5m waroo in 1kt of wind. it was stable as could be.

i mean it was laying flat on the ground. how more stable could it get.

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Re: The ideal light wind kite

Postby Kitebdr1962 » Sat Feb 23, 2008 5:43 am

There seems to be doubt about "What Kite can Fly in Lite Wind", Etc...I also see that there are kite and board combo's going on here..All that I can offer is Video, that some people are asking for...The video is real, and you can believe it or not, that is Your sure to look at the info on the Wind meter, and read the credits at the end of the video, about the riders weights....

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Re: The ideal light wind kite

Postby jakemoore » Sat Feb 23, 2008 7:04 am

The bigger video on your site shows a lot of whitecaps both near and far from shore so you may want to resize it to thumbnail size like the two smaller videos so nobody will question the integrity of your windmeter.

Below is what I would consider strong evidence for a lightwind kitesurfing. I cut the kite out so no pimping. Just skepticism regarding light wind claims.
not that light.jpg
Force 4
not that light.jpg (5.35 KiB) Viewed 3337 times
lightwind kitesurf.jpg
Force 2

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Re: The ideal light wind kite

Postby Bishop » Wed Feb 27, 2008 8:46 pm

All you need is FLYSURFER :thumb:
My mate has two of them and he is jumping in 8knots with 15m Speed.

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Re: The ideal light wind kite

Postby Massimo » Fri Apr 11, 2008 12:27 pm

hi flysurfer speed-II 19 with a 145 board and you can well go with 8 knots!!! becarefull of your wallet because with 1 flysurfer you can buy 3 pump kites but speed-II is amazing in ultra light wind


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