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Why are these still being used for kiteboarding?

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Why are these still being used for kiteboarding?

Postby RickI » Mon Apr 14, 2008 2:59 pm

Side Release Snap Shackle

We've been saying for MANY years not to use these type of hardware for kiting. That is NOWHERE on you for ANY purpose while kiting. Side Release Snap Shackles weren't designed for use in kiting and don't release reliably in that application. That means not at the chicken loop or at the leash attachment or anywhere else. They don't work well under load, if fouled with sand or corrosion, if you pull them in the wrong direction, etc..

I always think of the kiter in Okinawa about to be lofted in a tropical storm gust, furiously pulling to release one of these while two kiters strained to hold him down. The wind and force were too great and he was ripped away from them still struggling to release as he flew 150 ft. horizontally into a concrete wall. He didn't make it nor did he succeed in opening his snap shackle. There have been many other accidents and incidents.

I saw one of these in use with a new kiteboarding product recently. I saw the same type shackle at Surf Expo a while back for yet another application. Apparently, word is still getting out to the manufacturers?! Some guys rig these up for themselves as well, still.

If you see guys using these, tell them why they should ditch it and replace it with something that works better for kiting.

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Re: Why are these still being used for kiteboarding?

Postby afflatus » Mon Apr 14, 2008 5:08 pm


As far as shackles go (if maintained) they are as good as any other, the wichard is not without fault...

And well, no nobody pulls after the fact anyway, you either see it coming and act or you take the hit...

Just my opinion, but the survey says YUP that's how it seem to be.

So what's the difference really?

No biggie

Just the way it is...

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