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Which kite should I get?

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Which kite should I get?

Postby jsoana » Fri Jul 28, 2006 6:26 pm

Hi all,

I am an experienced wakeboarder making the transition to kitesurfing. I just learned how to fly the kite and now I want to buy one asap. I have been looking (and was recomended) the slingshot turbo diesel 12m (i want to fly in 10-20 knots). However, I did some research on that kite and to me it just doesn' t seem like a kite that will be useful in the future. It seems like a beginners kite that once past a certain stage will not be as good for tricks and since as I already mentioned I am a wakeboarder, i want to do tricks as soon as i get comfortable (i can do raileys, backrolls and sbends on wake). I was looking at the cabrinha kites and the site has much better marketing especially to the trick aspect of kitesurfing. What do you recomend as a kite for me (again i am lookign for a very diverse kite in the 10-20 wind range with full depower preferably). Is cabrinha the way to go? Is it a more prestigious brand?

I am 20yrs old and weigh about 65kg (155 pounds) give or take. I want a kite i can fly in soft winds 10knots and higher winds 20knots.

Thanks so much and sorry for the long windedness i just want to make sure i have explained my need as well as possible.


p.s i want to buy my kite asap and preferably a 12m

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Postby sjdavies » Mon Aug 07, 2006 3:47 am

Don't buy a Turbo Diesel, your research is right, it is not the right kite for you!

If you want a BOW/SLE kite which will be easier to learn how to fly then look at a 12m Cabrinha Switchblade or Liquid Force Assault 12.

Many people doing wake stuff look for higher performance C kites such as Naish Torch or Liquid Force M-80 which is a great wake style kite, there are many many more kites in this category as well. C kites are harder to learn initially as the power is always on where as a BOW/SLE kite you can shut all or at least most of the power off. Some people like this some people don't!

At your weight a BOW/SLE might cover your wind range a little better

My recommendation would be either a Switchblade 12m or a LF M-80 if your willing to sacrifice a little wind range for performance.

There are a few new hybrid kites coming out now as well North Rebel, Slingshot Link, Naish Boxer SLE. These are supposed to be great all around kites but I cannot comment as I have not flown them. But since they are brand new in 2007 they will be expensive where as the others you can get new and especially used for a pretty good deal

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Postby Me! » Thu Aug 09, 2007 1:10 am

Bro, being young nd light (just like me) my advice is to buy a Ckite, it like...tha real shit you know?! Will allow to develop your own style, nd ride power enought to satisfy your young soul !

The perfect C kite is the Singshot FUEL !

But there are many otherss...just look for the right one 4 u !

JuanK ! :D

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Cs or Hybrids

Postby oqion » Wed Sep 26, 2007 3:25 am

You can pull any trick you want on any kite you buy. Bow, SLE, Hybrid, C, doesn't matter much. The question is what is important to you.

Hang time: Flat kite, (i.e. a Bow or SLE)
Wind Range (one kite quiver): Hybrid or Flat.
Safety: Hybrid or Flat.
Predictability and control: C or Hybrid.
Direct easy power: C or Hybrid.

That said you can get just as much HT out of a C kite if you give up safety and go a size larger.

With C kites you will probably need at least 3 kites if not 5.

Ask around about kite quality. Serious Wake tricks are going to put some wear and tear on your kite. Some kites are built tougher than others. One of the kites that was mentioned is like a Ferrari, high performance, but at the cost of durability.

Don't be afraid of a 5th line for de-power safety.

I can't give you a specific brand. A lot of them are good. The best wake style riders I watch are on Vegas from North. Others are on Cabrinha Switchblades, SS octane, Some FOne kite is getting a lot of attention. If cost is an issue, then Best ...isn't but it is good for the price.

Although there are some prows on the switchblade, Most Wake style riders I have talked to do not want a Bow. Most are using some sort of 5th line-semi hybrid kite like the Vegas. or FOne.

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Re: Which kite should I get?

Postby Me! » Wed Sep 26, 2007 2:15 pm

jsoana wrote: I am 20yrs old and weigh about 65kg (155 pounds) give or take. I want a kite i can fly in soft winds 10knots and higher winds 20knots.
Bro, mi advice ...FUEL 11, or Octane 12 ...

Being a wakeboarder, ull love, us much as i do, the stability in the power (boat like), and the soul filling agresivness, form this kites..

Just try them, then u tell me :) ..

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Postby gandulf » Wed Sep 26, 2007 5:38 pm

if you're a wakeboarder, get the liquid force assault...

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Re: Which kite should I get?

Postby kiter147 » Mon Jun 09, 2008 12:00 am

you should try a hybrid or C kite my opinion the slingshot rev is a good saftey kite, but if you want to try wakestyle try the slingshot fuel. there was another kite that looked really good on the beach was the naish torch. that kite had a pop and drop type of look and it looked good for having many tix on it.

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