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Chat with Kristin Boese: here the copy of the chat

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Chat with Kristin Boese: here the copy of the chat

Postby Toby » Thu Jul 17, 2008 7:15 pm

here the copy of the chat:

you have to read it from the bottom to the top!

Kristin B « 20:12:28 » maybe we chat again another time! bye for now and all the best!!!
Toby « 20:12:01 »
Kristin B « 20:11:44 » I hope to meet all of you on one of the beaches around the world one day!
Kristin B « 20:11:16 » Thank YOU guys! it was very nice to meet you all, and please, please feel free to contact me by e-mail or over my website! :)
Toby « 20:10:33 » Kristin, thx for joining and good luck for all your events!
Kristin B « 20:10:23 » I am now actually sitting in a restaurant where the organizer brought us for dinner and the bus back to the hotel is leaving soon...
tux « 20:10:18 » Kristin thank you for your time, you're very kind and a champ also out of the whater, Ciao
Kristin B « 20:09:29 » yes guys, sorry, I know the chat was supposed to be open for 2 hours, but when we planed the time I did not know the schedule of the event here...
Kristin B « 20:09:00 » ah, I will say hi from you for sure! why don't you come?
Toby « 20:08:33 » Kristin has to go!
Toby « 20:08:29 » ok, any more questions anyone?
Toby « 20:08:21 » say hi to the organizers...I met them in Cumbuco!
Kristin B « 20:06:30 » yes, the Santa Cruz Ocean Spirit is where we go! It will be a big event... with surfing competitions and skimboard comps at the same time. Looks great!
Kristin B « 20:05:07 » thanks a lot! I can need it! :)
Toby « 20:05:04 » is the event in Portugal the Santa Cruz Ocean Spirit?
Toby « 20:04:45 » cool, I wish you good luck!
Kristin B « 20:03:23 » uh, I think that would be really hard... I missed out on a lot of points and had a late start... I will just do my best and see how it goes. In racing it definitely looks good so far. :)
Toby « 20:02:04 » due to your injury...can you still become overall champ again?
Kristin B « 20:01:13 » After all it is great to get around so much and to enjoy the beautiful beaches of the world!
Kristin B « 20:00:46 » I had a time where I was a bit over the traveling. But now I stay in one spot for the winter and recharge my batteries and enjoy traveling during the season again!
Toby « 19:59:26 » does the traveling stress you, or are you used to it meanwhile?
Toby « 19:59:11 » nice
Kristin B « 19:58:34 » after that I will have a little break and relax in Australia! :)
Kristin B « 19:58:13 » I will go to a car race this weekend (something different for a change), go to Portugal for the Wavemasters next week... my girls camp in Germany the week after, PKRA in Germany the week after that and then the clinic in NY, KPWT in Brazil, KPWT in Morocco and KPWT in New Caledonia...
Toby « 19:56:51 » so, what events are still on your list this year?
Kristin B « 19:55:11 » thanks a lot Emofish! just drop me an e-mail whenever you have a question! All the best for you!
Kristin B « 19:54:20 » for the big air I just think this is what gets people into the sport and what is great to watch for the public... and isnt it still nice to fly! I just love the fariety! a little bit of everything would be great!
Emofish « 19:53:27 » I have to go, but thanks for coming here Kristin, Its been a real pleasure for me.
Kristin B « 19:53:13 » for gear I would try to make it even safer!
Toby « 19:53:12 » internet
Toby « 19:53:05 » her interent is on and off, so replies take a while...
tux « 19:52:57 » I agree with you it is time to bring back big airs into kite comp
Toby « 19:52:16 » not needed...many think that way ;-)
tux « 19:52:13 » It is his speciality
tux « 19:51:58 » ;-)
tux « 19:51:32 » Are you play the violino to Toby?
Toby « 19:51:23 » no worries, I would have asked for the comp part ;-)
Kristin B « 19:51:01 » oh...
Kristin B « 19:50:41 » i would bring big air tricks back into the competitions! :)
Emofish « 19:50:32 » Gear
Toby « 19:50:24 » do you mean in comps or gear or?
Emofish « 19:49:50 » If there were one thing you could change about kiteboarding what would it be?
Kristin B « 19:48:24 » yes, I have a special race board that my shaper in Australia shaped for me. It is a directional board with 2 fins that have a small angle. It works really well for me because it is easy to ride and goes upwind in all different conditions...
tux « 19:47:04 » what kind of board do you use for race, a specific race board with long stright fins?
Kristin B « 19:45:09 » no, I do not really play a role in the development of the equipment at best. I get to ride some prototypes sometimes and the guys are always open for feed back but really helping with development would be a full time job...
Kristin B « 19:43:20 » now with my pretty fresh injury I kind of have to take it easy though... I think in maybe 3 weeks I will have time to go kite and practice a bit to get back into it...
Toby « 19:42:42 » Kristin's internet connection is not the best, so please don't wonder why some replies take some time.
Kristin B « 19:42:30 » and on some different handlepass moves on the other side...
Kristin B « 19:42:13 » over the winter I have been working on my backside riding for one part...
Toby « 19:39:25 » we all are! do you play a role in kite or board development at Best?
tux « 19:39:24 » ...sure
legrill83 « 19:39:24 » Any new moves you've been working on?
Kristin B « 19:38:27 » everybody as he likes... the development over the last few years and the introduction of bow and delta kites and so on made the sport much safer though and I am glad about this!
tux « 19:37:39 » yes will be there for the 6th consecutive year in november you find everything you whant threre
Kristin B « 19:36:52 » I compete on the Nemesis... this is my second year on bow kites and since I compete in 3 different disciplines now it works great for me as it works for everything...
tux « 19:36:18 » I don't like bows, rebel are the right compromis for me
Kristin B « 19:36:02 » yes, Brazil is definitely on my top-spot list too! just amazing with the wind there every single day!
Emofish « 19:35:36 » Do you still compete with C-kites or do you compete with SLE's ?
Kristin B « 19:35:24 » Morocco must be great in winter! :)
tux « 19:35:05 » and of course 1month and half in Jericoacoara as usual
tux « 19:34:38 » next projects are Ireland and Marocco
Kristin B « 19:34:20 » yes, you should definitely go again tux! it is so awesome now in offshore conditions with the bow kites!
tux « 19:34:07 » I immagine, but i work a lot spring and summer
Kristin B « 19:33:22 » even though I broke my ankle there I love Maui! If i could afford it I would live there... great waves in winter, wind all summer and just beautiful nature! my favorite spot for sure!
tux « 19:33:03 » It would be great to visit now with actual gear
tux « 19:32:38 » I've been there in 2003 one eye was fantastic
Toby « 19:32:12 » Kristin, what are your favoutite spots in the world?
Kristin B « 19:32:05 » italy... off-shore! well, mauritius is not too far for you! :)
tux « 19:31:41 » I love off-shore
Kristin B « 19:31:32 » but Emofish, i always tried some kites of other competitors and think it is always a question of taste...
tux « 19:31:16 » we have big waves only with onshore wind
tux « 19:30:56 » Italy north East
Kristin B « 19:30:39 » oh... where are you from then?
tux « 19:30:32 » so I have to travel
Kristin B « 19:30:19 » hm, that is a hard to answer question Emofish.. I was riding sponsored equipment from the very beginning and always liked my equipment. Expecially training and competing on the material you get so used to it that you would always like it I think...
tux « 19:30:08 » but my home spot is waveless
tux « 19:29:52 » I wish, actually after 9 years is the thing that give me more fun
Kristin B « 19:28:36 » so do you ride lots of waves too tux?
Emofish « 19:28:30 » What were your favorite brands of gear before Best came along?
Kristin B « 19:27:07 » but his style looks so easy that you might not notice he rides backside! ;)
tux « 19:26:39 » of course riding backside is the meaning of wave riding for me
Kristin B « 19:26:32 » sky is also regular and actually rides backside too...
Kristin B « 19:25:47 » and I really enjoy riding backside now... you can go up the face more vertical and the moves just feel different...
tux « 19:25:33 » I've saw a video ok Sky surfing that way is he goofie or had trained?
Kristin B « 19:25:09 » yes tux! for sure! some people try to ride frontside on their bad side... it is a question of tast I think. Riding on your wrong side is difficult at first, no matter if front or backside... but you get into it after a little while...
tux « 19:23:55 » so is it possible for a regular to surf backsides on a spot with wind coming from left like South afrika and mauritius?
Kristin B « 19:23:48 » and by the way... Toby is a great guy for sure.. but my heart is beating for Sky (Solbach) ;)
Kristin B « 19:23:21 » oh, I am sorry to hear that Emofish! I hope she is fine otherwise! Exidents are such a difficult thing to deal with...
Kristin B « 19:22:37 » we never had a port competition yet though... would be very interesting!
Kristin B « 19:22:09 » yes, I am regular... but I love riding backside and spend my winters in Australia where I can practice my backside riding a lot.
Emofish « 19:21:43 » Oh yes, and my wife kiteboards also , until her auto accident. :(
tux « 19:21:41 » left foot lead
Toby « 19:21:21 » I knew, not me!
tux « 19:21:09 » I mean not goofy
Emofish « 19:21:01 » Toby??? :)
tux « 19:20:56 » in the past you won El guincho and Essauiria in waves, and combuco too,all starboard spots, are you regular?
Kristin B « 19:20:55 » I hope you are too Emofish? ;)
Kristin B « 19:20:38 » I am very happily attached to a great guy that you probably know...
Kristin B « 19:20:02 » I just checked out the site Rbgar. I will study it closer after the chat for sure! sounds great...
Emofish « 19:19:53 » ;)
Emofish « 19:19:18 » This is the Million dollar question...Are you single or attached?
Toby « 19:19:12 » when exactly is that?
Kristin B « 19:17:51 » in Germany I organize one girls camp a year (the 6th year now) which is free for all the girls and I get a lot of requests for this. this year I already have 28 registered girls and am so looking forward to it!
Rbgar « 19:17:21 » Kristin, check this website out, you would be a great asset to them for a great cause!
Kristin B « 19:16:57 » sometimes I get e-mails with requests for lessons, but don't really have time for teaching so much.
Kristin B « 19:16:30 » nice Stooch! say hi from me for sure!
Kristin B « 19:16:00 » I was not trusting my ankle at all... rode very carefull in the singles and got kicked out in the first round... In the doubles I knew I had to either go for it or not kite at all. I made it up to second place and could not believe it. But now I still lack in confidence as I have not been freeriding at all yet since...
Toby « 19:15:42 » do you get requests from women or men who only want to learn kitesurfing or get instructions from you?
Stooch « 19:15:39 » I'll let her know! She's always down for a kite trip
Kristin B « 19:14:22 » Canada! Nice! :-) Well, it is still far away from NY but I am going to have a girls clinic in NY (in the new Best Center) beginning of September... I try to organize some girls events whenever I can. Would be great if your girlfriend could join one day! :)
Toby « 19:14:12 » cool, but I can imagine you were not really trusting your foot when landing...
Kristin B « 19:12:47 » this was actually my 3rd competition after my injury now! the first day I was alowed to start jumping again I was competing in the KPWT in Greece... was pretty scarry! ;)
Kristin B « 19:12:07 » I was kiting on Maui and fell out of the sky in a wind lull during a handlepass... just landed very hard on my front foot...
Kristin B « 19:11:17 » it was a very interesting experience and fore sure not easy to sit on the couch for so long.. ;) but I am happy to be bag on the water now and am feeling like I am getting back into shape!
Toby « 19:11:16 » so this was the first comp after your injury?
Emofish « 19:11:10 » Ouch! what happened?
Stooch « 19:11:07 » Hey no problem.. thank you! We're from Canada. On google maps look for the two big lakes right in the middle of the country
Kristin B « 19:10:32 » In 6 years of competing I never had a bad injury. But 3 month ago I broke my fibular and this was the first time that I was out for a while...
Emofish « 19:09:21 » Have you ever had any bad injuries while kiting?
Kristin B « 19:07:48 » Thanks so much Stooch! I really try to motivate girls and am always happy to hear things like that! where are you from?
Kristin B « 19:06:27 » I think she will have a good future in the sport and be around for many years to come.
Stooch « 19:06:23 » Hi Kristin, just wanted to say my girlfriend recently got into kiting. After seeing vids, pics of online she's a big fan. Both have lots of respect for you! Keep riding hard
tux « 19:05:54 » lucky you to go there
Kristin B « 19:05:38 » and she also is interested in other disciplines (competes in the races too for example)
Kristin B « 19:05:21 » I think Gisella already is the next great kiteboarder. She is not only young but also a very good freestyler with lots of variety
Kristin B « 19:04:50 » I am so much looking forward to the wavemasters there... all the "old" guys are coming (Martin, Gianni, Abel, Sky, Leechai...) it is going to be so much fun!
Emofish « 19:03:51 » Who do you think the next great kiteboarder will be among the young girls today?
Kristin B « 19:03:32 » The next wave event is Portugal and it actually starts on Monday (21st...)
Toby « 19:03:24 » this would mean overall winner in Tureky, right?
Kristin B « 19:02:47 » no, tomorrow is actually the last day already and it looks like there is no more wind...
tux « 19:02:35 » and when is next wave event?
Toby « 19:02:26 » it was the first day today?
tux « 19:02:23 » wow
Rbgar « 19:02:19 » hi Kristin, do you have any sailing/racing background?
Toby « 19:02:14 » great, well done!
Kristin B « 19:01:59 » it went pretty well. I am super happy about a first place in the races and got 3rd in freestyle.
Kristin B « 19:01:24 » I so enjoy the variety of our sport and think it is good if we show this in competitions.
Toby « 19:01:09 » how did it go so far for you?
Kristin B « 19:00:43 » I did freestyle and race... but after competing in freestyle so long I really enjoy doing other distciplines now. So I love racing and waves... and here I really enjoyed the races!
tux « 18:59:46 » I mean race, freestyle, ...
Kristin B « 18:59:24 » I was windsurfing before and did lots of other sport too.. but am definitely in love with kiting the most! :-)
tux « 18:59:04 » wich speciality are you involved in turkey?
Kristin B « 18:58:54 » We managed to finish singles, doubles and 3 races. The conditions were not easy, but it was fun anyways!
Kristin B « 18:58:27 » yeah, we actually had 3 days of wind! not bad for Istanbul!
Emofish « 18:58:27 » So Kristin was kiteboarding your first sports love, or are you a closet windsurfer too?
Kristin B « 18:58:03 » thanks Toby! nice to be here!
Toby « 18:57:49 » so guys, use the time that not many people are in the chat yet for your questions!
tux « 18:57:45 » are wind contitions ok for the event?
Toby « 18:57:26 » welcome Kristin!
Kristin B « 18:57:22 » hello tux, nice to meet you too!
Kristin B « 18:57:12 » and hi from the KPWT in turkey! ;)
tux « 18:57:01 » Hi Kristin nice to meet you
Emofish « 18:56:54 » Howdy
Kristin B « 18:56:42 » hello there! :-)

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