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new EH Beast medium aspect SLE/bow...some comments and pics

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Postby kite-it-right » Wed Nov 15, 2006 2:38 am

HelldogBE wrote:flew the Beast 8 and Ripper 10 today

I found the beast a bit too light on the barpressure for me (I put my waroos at medium barpressure as I like training my muscles a little bit and I like having the feel especially for timing my jumps!)
but this can probably be set? anyways probably something I could get used too

as u see in the picture, this kite has a pretty odd shape (especially when u look at it from the control bar, as a bystander it's not so special).

I have to say it turns at least aswell as my Waroo 9 (wich is pretty known for turning well I think, if not a bit faster I never really yanked the bar to get it around ona wave so its probably faster!), the depower and power is a lot smoother (no getting the bar yanked out of your hands when a gusts hits, u don't really feel power or depower if u sheet in the bar or not. It's very strange this kite just pulls u upwind without feeling the need to edge or adjust your speed!)

u may think its a bit too softy, till u try to jump it... this kite probably has the best pop out of all bows. Even if u send it up to jump u don't feel the pull of the kite till u pop and then u go way high (without having to think about sheeting the bar in or out, u don't really get dropped like the other bows when u sheet out a bit...)

Also the glide on this kite is amazing, while the lift up may not be as high as the Ripper, the glide down surely is longer. Soft descents guaranteed!

The ripper compared to the beast is a bit more technical to fly and more wavestyle oriented, compared to the beast that is more freestyle with good qualities for wakestyle! (but definitely fast and stable enough for waveriding also!).
I found it also relies on apparent wind a lot, as there is little grunt, u really need to let her build speed up. But it could be because of the very forward pull of the kite that u don't feel the power as u don't need to edge against it. However it is more noticeable than on the Beast

Good points:
-light bar pressure
-turns fast
-very good pop (the best I've experienced as a bow-flyer)
-flies well unhooked

Weak points:
-no 1- or 2-pump
-very light feel on the bar (in turns aswell in terms of feeling the power when u sheet in, this kite definitely needs apparant wind
-power through turns(; I'm not into kiteloops yet but the other guy that tried em found that there wasnt enough power in kiteloops. he wasn't used to riding bows however)
the 8m is magic and yes lift is really huge

the person who asked about the 12m... i have flown it it is porbably the most stable kitei have ever flown. when inthe senith.. there is so little movement its almost like its part of the sky.. it like its fozen.. amazn. alot more predictible than the 10 and the 8.. lift is very floaty

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Re: new EH Beast medium aspect SLE/bow...some comments and pics

Postby TunedVideo » Wed Jun 04, 2008 12:16 pm

I have a RippEHr 12M 2006-2007 still alive after Vietnam, you wouldn't believe but I was out on 33 knots my weight is 72 kilos only, but was afraid to jump in such conditions because it has enormous jump height even in light wind (freestyle bridle). But to jump high on it you have to be an expert, wave riding is not so easy because I am not used to waves so was eaten by 4 meter waves a couple of time mostly because i was sometimes faster then the kite so lost tension on lines and yeap under 4 meter wave :bye: Some guys told me that this is because of the wind shadow near the beach, so maybe and a lack of experience in wave riding.
The other thing when I bought the kite I wrote a letter to Eric Hertsens and he answered, no way it can happen if you write to Pete Cabrinha or Robby Naish, thats the pluses of a small company. You get an exclusive kite. And here are the minuses of a small company the BAR - is china shit!!! Complete shit it came from 2003 I think no way you can compare it with North or Naish they also made in china but they have quality. I can't understand it because the customer is holding the kite throught the Bar, so in his hands it has to have perfect look and feeling. By the way the feeling is really good throught the shitty bar very light pressure.
The other is NO 1 pump or 2 pump,instead you are getting 6 pump from 2003. Some say it is a better pressure and that usually PROs have kites with 6 pump :cool2: so when somebody asking me what am I doing so long I am just saying I am a PRO 8)
So please Mr. Hertsens make a carbon fiber stick with a best quality rubber and thats it, and the bag a piece of crap, just switch 2003 to 2008 or 2009 and I will buy a brand new Rippehr
P.S. 1 or 2 pump please.

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Re: new EH Beast medium aspect SLE/bow...some comments and pics

Postby Windrider » Wed Jul 23, 2008 7:12 am

I flew the EH Rippehr today in winds that were 12-22 mph using my Cabrihna 6'1 TowSurf directional. One word for this kite: Amazing! Welll... let's make it two words: Absolutely Amazing!

Excellent, excellent kite. It can easily replace my 12m. And it's only a 10m. Amazing. It jumps so willingly and lets you float down smoothly. It handled the lulls without any problem and never felt like it was going to fall from the sky. It handled the gusts like a racehorse wanting to run... smooth acceleration, total control, super stability. I could tell that this kite had a whole lot more higher end range than the 22 or so that came on while I was out. I could trust having this kite out in winds 12 - 30. The Rippehr is very responsive and is easy to fly on the waves with one-hand. Good de-power range with a short throw. Love the kite, f'sure.

So far, EH has two dynamite kites IMHO: the EZE 13m and the Rippehr (Unleashed). Looking forward to trying the Beast (Vicious). So far, he's nailed good designs with the two I've tried. Looking forward to riding the grunty, gentle Beast, too.

Thanks to KHawaii (Steve) for introducing me to EH kites. And thanks to Kiteboarding Hawaii (Steve) and OffDaLip (Jeff) for carrying them. Excellent kites.

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