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Ocean Rodeo Rise 2009 & Gear

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Ocean Rodeo Rise 2009 & Gear

Postby .Joel » Mon Jul 28, 2008 4:33 am

Ocean Rodeo have released some photos of their 2009 line up of products. The new Ocean Rodeo Rise 2009 is continuing with their Venturi technology they released last year. The kites are featuring a similar pattern design as they did last year. There is an update to the range of boards including the Zen, Mako, Mako Wide and Mako Surf. All the boards are seen featuring the new Ocean Rodeo Bliss pads and straps which from the photos we can see has inbuilt air cushioning in the heel.

More Photos & Information: Ocean Rodeo 2009 Rise and Gear





Mako Wide

Mako Surf

Bliss Pads & Straps

Go Joe



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Re: Ocean Rodeo Rise 2009 & Gear

Postby domdino » Mon Jul 28, 2008 4:22 pm

All looks excellent guys :)
Might have to get a new zen :)

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Re: Ocean Rodeo Rise 2009 & Gear

Postby ORSales » Mon Jul 28, 2008 8:11 pm

Thanks for helping get the word out there Joel... I suppose next time I put images up on our Flickr account I should be faster moving to email the dealer network about the updates! :)

As Joel as pointed out our 2009 line up of gear is somewhat shown above. This equipment will all be on display for demo purposes at our anual Crew Event held this year August 13th to 17th at Nitinat Lake, Vancouver Island BC Canada. All of you are invited to attend this Crew event, held in conjunction with Windfest 2008.

After this event we will begin shipping to all of our dealers their pre-season orders of 09 sample gear for delivery around the end of August / early September. This shipment will be made up of sample orders for both demo purposes and testing for the season's orders expected later that fall and into the winter.

Unlike some other companies Ocean Rodeo feels it is important not to make next year's equipment available until the end of this season. As such, we will be in a full stocking situation for 2009 gear starting at the end of September 2008 in order to allow our southern hemisphere customers a crack at the 09 gear for their summer as well as our northern hemisphere customers a chance to both test the gear in time to make their 09 booking and to have it available for late fall and winter trips.

OK - Here's the official update from OR:

2009 Rise Venturi SLE

(Shown above is the 09 Rise Venturi in navy blue. 2009 colours will include: bright orange, bright yellow, bright green, navy blue, poppy red and army green with more options in January.)

By far our best selling kite last year, the Rise is back for 2009! Updated for a more technical and polished look veteran Rise riders will appreciate the finer changes to!

- New narrower strut and LE tubes makes the 09 Rise the most efficient kite we've ever made!
- Updated bridle attachment points allow the rider to modify the kite's turning speeds and wind range. Included on the 2008 Rise this year's 09 Rise has these attachment points better balanced for maximum effect and performance.
- Planform Turning Speed. For 2009 we have worked hard to balance the turning speeds of the Rise. Less twitchy at the smaller sizes and insanely fast at the larger sizes, the 2009 Rise maintains a constant solid feel across its whole size range!

2009 Mako Twin Tips and Directional

(Shown here are the 2009 versions of the incredibly popular Mako Freeride Wide 150x40 and its new cousin the Mako Freestyle Wide 140x40. Beside is shown the 18mm of concave available only on the Mako line up of boards.)

2008 proved to the world that the Mako design was here to stay. Available since 2004 the Mako matured this year. For 2009 we continue to expand on the Mako Line up, setting the pace as the world's leader in deep concave kiteboards.

- 150x34 Freeride - Completely overhauled for 2009 the original Mako has had its weight and thickness reduced to make it a damper ride through the chop while holding its legendary status for hard carving turns.
- 150x40 Freeride Wide - Our most popular board ever the Freeride Wide is back for 09. Huge up wind and lightwind performance is complemented by incredibly smooth rides in choppy waters and a real surf feel on waves.
- 140x40 Freestyle Wide - The newest addition to the quiver the 140x40 is poised to be our best selling board of all time. Quick to flip to switch, hard in the corners, easy to jump, smooth over chop. This board will be the most talked about board of 2009 - from any brand.
- 170x42 Surf - Completely overhauled for 2009 the Surf is lighter than last year and features foot strap placements much further back. You spoke. We listened.

2009 Zen Twin Tips

(Shown above are various colour ways of Jeremie's signature 129x39 Zen X Torsion for 2009. The X Torsion features a wooden "shock" core, shown in this clear window into the board)

Our Zen line up for 2009 has one focus: Freestyle. Continuing from 2008 we have kept the wooden shock core which not only delivers maximum punch for wakestyle jumps but also takes a beating with 2008 being our lowest year ever for warranty claims on boards.

- 129x39 Freestyle- Designed for freestyle riding by riders up to 180lbs the Zen 129x39 is short for a low swing weight and wide for easily stomped landings. The 129 also happens to be Jeremie Tronet's signature model.
- 135x39 Freestyle - A new shape for 2009 the 135x39 is designed for heavier freestyle riders looking for more board to carry their weight. Ideal for the hard core who are over 180lbs the - - 135x39 is plenty of board, wide enough to stomp landings and is made with a wood core to stand up to your abuse!
- 135x43 Freeride Wide - Our widest board on offer this board is built for freeriders stuck in light winds or beginners looking to plane up early. Plenty of pop is offered from its wooden shock core.

As Joel also mentioned, all 2009 boards will ship standard with our new Bliss Foot Pads and Straps. The Bliss Delux system is available for purchase seperatly from our 09 board line up should you wish to upgrade your existing board and is designed both with comfort and performance in mind. This new pad and strap system is very simple to install and delivers maximum comfort, grip and control.

Please consult your local dealer for more information on demo opportunities this fall and to pre-order your 2009 quiver of gear.

There will be a 2009 version of our 5th Line Diablo coming out in October, details will follow shortly. 2008 gear continues to sell well and perform beautifully. 2008 has been a record year for Ocean Rodeo and, beyond our commitment to customer service, a large reason for this sucess is the incredible performance of our 08 line up.

John Zimmerman
Ocean Rodeo Sports

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Re: Ocean Rodeo Rise 2009 & Gear

Postby rodeoclown » Sun Aug 10, 2008 4:19 pm

The 150 x40 is one of my favorite boards.
I dreamed at times of riding a shorter version of this board,
one more suited for the knee to waist high wind driven chop we get here in
puget sound.
I still can't beleive that there is one headed my way soon!
Amazing! :thumb:

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Re: Ocean Rodeo Rise 2009 & Gear

Postby PBKiteboarding » Thu Aug 14, 2008 8:35 pm

Looking great... Can't wait to get the 09 Gear in... for our fall winds...!

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