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Cabrinha IDS Top 10 Q & A...

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Cabrinha IDS Top 10 Q & A...

Postby Cab Driver » Fri Aug 01, 2008 9:24 pm

1. What are the big differences between the Crossbow IDS and
the Switchblade IDS?

The Crossbow IDS has a Dynamic Arc Progression through its
sizes which reduces the flatness of the arc as the kite sizes get
smaller. The larger sized kites have the flattest arcs and highest
aspect ratios for light wind efficiency and a wider wind range.
The smaller kites have a more conservative arc and lower aspect
ratios for control and handling in stronger winds. The Switchblade
IDS does not utilize Dynamic Arc Progression, but it is the perfect
blend of a traditional kite and a flatter bow for a wakestyle/
freestyle kite.

2. Are the bars interchangeable between the two models now?

Yes. The Powerdrive IDS control system can be used for any of
the IDS kites.

3. Can I use my existing bar and just buy the kite only?

No. The IDS technology in the kite only works in conjunction with
the Powerdrive IDS control system.

4. Is the safety system the same on the SB IDS as it is on the

The safety systems are the same. All our kites keep our traditional
1st stage of depower called Depower on Demand and they all now
have IDS with Absolute Depower which allows you to flag your
kite when ever you feel the need.

5. Can I use the new IDS bar on my CB3 or SB3?

The Powerdrive IDS control system was designed to work with
the IDS kite’s bridles, so it will not function properly on older
model kites.

6. Why is the new 8m SB IDS on a 45cm bar and my SB3 came
with a 50cm bar?

The 8m SB IDS comes with a slightly smaller bar so the turning
speed is even through the whole kite line.

7. Are the line lengths the same for all the sizes of SB’s?

The line lengths are standard between the kite sizes. They are
all 22m. The lines are of a lower stretch and higher strength line
this year.

8. Is it possible to order a SB IDS bridle from you and install in on
my SB3 to get the absolute depower function?

The IDS bridles are designed to work exclusively on our 2009
kites and are NOT compatible with any 2008 or older model. The
’09 models not only have new, updated profiles, but they have
completely different tow points that were designed specifically
with the IDS bridle system in mind. Each bridle is year, size and
model specific.

9. I need to order new lines for my Powerdrive IDS bar but my
dealer only has 2008 lines in stock. Can I use these on my new
IDS bar?

The flying lines for 2009 are designed specifically for our
Powerdrive IDS bars only. While all 4 lines do end at the exact
same point, the center lines are a different overall length from the
outside/steering lines. This design allows our IDS kites to achieve
the absolute depower function.

10. Is there a secret to winding up my lines on the new bars? I
can’t get it to wind up neatly.

Do not peel the lines on the bar ends. Wrap the lines on with low
tension. Lightly wrap around until the line is all wound, then put
the bungies over the ends of the bar.

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Re: Cabrinha IDS Top 10 Q & A...

Postby Marc_87 » Fri Aug 01, 2008 10:31 pm

11. Will there be a stopper unit for the Cabrinha IDS bar?

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Re: Cabrinha IDS Top 10 Q & A...

Postby Cab Driver » Fri Aug 01, 2008 10:35 pm

yes!! Available most places worldwide in October.

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Re: Cabrinha IDS Top 10 Q & A...

Postby CosmicKites » Fri Aug 01, 2008 10:42 pm

The New Crossbow Is Amazing! I got a chance to see it in New York and Really fly it down in Dominican, what a lofty kite! Bar pressure seems to be noticeably different then CB3. Turning speed has improved a bit as well.

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Re: Cabrinha IDS Top 10 Q & A...

Postby Kosh » Sat Aug 02, 2008 12:20 am

Yes, I was suprised when I took my first jump with the Crossbow 13m2, felt the constant pull of the kite during the jump compared to my Contra 14m2 which has more of a "burst" of power pulling me hard out of the water. Also it was so much easier to turn the kite forward and get a long glide compared to the Contra.. In addition, my landings where a lot smoother after a trick. The 1:1 really does wonders, no latency and a lot quicker turning. And I guess the low-end is the same, I compared the size of the 13m2 by putting it on top of my 14m2. There is almost no difference!
Photos here: viewtopic.php?t=2350146&p=540050

I got some issues regarding the line and bar colour, also, putting the lines around the bar isnt as easy because of the soft EVA bar ends. Relaunch, safety, selflanding and launching I havent enough practice with yet. But the most important aspect, how it behaves in the air, is excellent.

I sent Cabrinha my thoughts about the colours (as a wish for future change), and got the answer below. I think that it would be excellent if the left EVA bar end was totally red, and the right bar end totally grey. Wouldnt look as nice maybe though...

1. The colour of the front and rear lines are too similar coloured. [..]
2. The colour of the right and left side of the bar is too similar while kiting and spinning the bar, or grabbing it after a crash, it is not easy to quickly spot which side of the bar is left or right. Thinking about colouring the left side EVA foam in a yellow/bright colour to easily be able to spot it quickly.

The lines (front vs. rear) are completely different from each other. The outside steering lines are grey and the center lines are red. The idea behind them is to make it simple to tell front from back during rigging and untangling. The other consideration is that most riders rig on either sand/beach or snow. These are both lighter backgrounds that contrast well with our new lines. Not as many riders have the luxury of rigging on grass or other ground cover.

The left/right issue on the bar is something we haven't yet heard from riders. The new colors and graphic is a little more sleek than in years past, and is a new spin on an old bar. We used to have black and red bars several years ago. Coloring a bar end is a great idea if you feel the need for a little added security.

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Re: Cabrinha IDS Top 10 Q & A...

Postby lucie » Sat Aug 02, 2008 5:10 am

12. I haven't got my Xbow IDS yet, but is it likely that I am going to have to modify the bar somehow to be able to reach the power and de-power straps? (5'5" female with average arm length.)

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Re: Cabrinha IDS Top 10 Q & A...

Postby paulio » Sat Aug 02, 2008 5:27 am

Hi Lucie, I just filed or drill out the red stopper ball slightly and move it down approx 8 inches. still has plenty of depower yet quite easy to reach the bar.

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Re: Cabrinha IDS Top 10 Q & A...

Postby tomatkins » Sat Aug 02, 2008 4:45 pm

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Re: Cabrinha IDS Top 10 Q & A...

Postby kakanala » Mon Aug 04, 2008 9:19 am

I've been using my Xbow IDS 16 for 5 days in a row. One hour or more every day (before the wind picked up).

Well, all I can say about the kite itself is: wonderful, compared to my Contra 17 2008. Way better performance, perfectly built, fantastic low end, fun to ride in 10-12 knots, quite nice for unhooking (not as good as the SB III, though), insane jumping in 18 knots and when I'm fully overpowered on it I can comfortably ride on my SB III 8 (I tried yesterday, it was around 20-22 knots)

I do not know why Cabrina puts s much emphasis on the IDS system itself (ok, it is a great feature and the safest thing available right know when things go very wrong or for solo riding). The greatest thing about the new IDS Xbow is it's bomb proof construction, attention to detail, incredible performances, wiiiiide range, smooth flying characteristics. And then, the IDS is welcome.

Now, the cons:
- I'd like to have an stopper.
- I'd like to have a completely red half left bar.
- The IDS feature makes the bar more complicated and it is a feature that I have not missed in my 2006, 2007 and 2008 Cabrinhas. So I will be getting my 2009 SB kites for it's better flying charcteristics, not for the IDS.

Sorry to say this, but my ideal combination, if possible, would be: 2009 Cabrinha kites with 2008 bar and lines. Got to test my 16 IDS xbow with my 2008 Cabrinha 55 cm. bar. I'loose the IDS feature but if it works well I'll probably go for it, unless someone can convince me of the opposite.

Last: when the stopper is available, if I want to upgrade my bar, I'll have to undo the bar in order to get it installed? It would take me lots of time and once I re-do the knots, I know they will never be as smart as they came from China. Not good.

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Re: Cabrinha IDS Top 10 Q & A...

Postby tomatkins » Mon Aug 04, 2008 5:10 pm


You said: "the safest thing available right now when things go very wrong or for solo riding"

What do you base this opinion on?

Have you tried the 2 line safety system in desperate overpowered gusty conditions?

A number of people on this forum are waiting for the verdict on the relative safety of the use of the quite similar two-line safety systems found on the Cahbrina, the North and the F-One kites...compared to that of the single line safety systems found on practically all the other brand kites.

So far, reports from a few users of the 2 line system have described the 2 line safety systems as being convenient and effective in light and moderate wind conditions. The question still unanswered is how do the 2 line safety systems compare to the one line systems in serious wind conditions.

What has been your experience in high wind conditions? If you used the IKO recommended self-rescue method of winding up the lines on the bar in order to gain access to the kite in deep water, how did that method work out for you? Did the kite stay stable on or near the water like it does with a 5th line safety? Was it easy to keep both the lines even in length, as you wound the lines up on the bar?

Also, if you plan on putting the '08 bar and lines on the kite, will you keep the same front line reride safety system or change the placement of the safety leash line connection?

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