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Silkes accident - some facts

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Postby Guest » Mon Jun 10, 2002 6:24 pm

some words from guys who were there:


Postby Guest » Mon Jun 10, 2002 6:28 pm

Please can somebody translate?

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Postby RickI » Mon Jun 10, 2002 6:37 pm

Here is another internet translation, far better than the last two strangely enough. Thank you Murdoc for your accurate translation of the last article.

posted 10 June 2002 17:57
Accident by Silke Gorldt with the Kitesurfen
So that we can learn all from the accident, I try to give as actual a representation of the accident as possible here. This developed from the memories of me and other people those locally was.

Silke Gorldt died to 07.06.2002 in a tragic accident. A concatenation of unfortunate circumstances contributed to this exit.

Outside framework: Kitesurf Event FD route
Wind: 5-6 Bft, sideshore, easily auflandig
Kite size: approx.. 8-9 square meter Tubekites
Spot: Zingst at the Baltic Sea

Accident course of events:
During a routine turning maneuver and/or a following redriving off before the beach the Kites of Silke and a further participant got caught into one another. The two participants were tightened one on the other. In order to control a danger situation resulting from it, some Kiter came unhooked and flew the kite without trapezoid. Unfortunately the two Kites could not be separated, the situation worsened. Forces developed, any longer were consciously controllable and the unhooked Kiter did not lose its bar (steering bar). This got caught in Silke's linen so unfortunately that the second Kite settled above to Silke Kite. The upper kite caught forces which can be controlled to circles by the power zone to fly and did not develop together with Silke Kite not. Silke was pulled with high speed over the water and the beach. It was pulled thereby over two Holzbuhnen in the water and is get stuck/against-struck in the fence at the beach/dyke.

First aid was before place Silke died immediately at the consequences of its injuries. The exact cause of death is still unsettled.

Silke did not use an emergency stop release system (Quick release, Quick Out).
One cannot say whether existing emergency stop release systems would have mastered this unusual situation, or whether Silke would have been at all able to use these.

The further participant did not use Kiteleash. (with Kiteleash a safety connection to the Kite is meant, also with loss of the steering bar, the Kite not completely of the Kiter solves.)
Nearly all remaining participants used likewise no Kiteleash, Silke enclosed. Momentarily hardly reasonable Wettkampfkiten is possible with Kiteleash. Its are and were conscious itself the participants.

Silke and the further participant are well-known for their considerationful behavior on the water.

I would like to supplement and/or stress that the accident in an absolute standard situation developed. Such situations probably already experienced many active ones and such situations to know at each Spot of the world to arise and badly end. Neither any kind of debt is to be accused to the further participant, nor the outside framework of the Kitesurf Events had an influence on the accident.

It applies to work on the safety question and become conscious this problem!

Kitesurfen is and remains a sport, which is not calculable to 100%.

Johannes Marczinski


Postby Guest » Tue Jun 11, 2002 12:22 pm

Hi, i'll try to give a better translation:
Silke Gorldt's Accident while kitesurfing

To make sure that everybody can learn from this accident, i'll try to give a factual representation of the accident. This representation was compiled from the memories of me and other eye-wittnesses.

Silke Goldt died in a accident on 06-07-2002. A conjunction of unfortunate circumstances lead to the tragicv result:

Event: Kitesurf-Event FD-Tour
Wind: 5-6 Bft, maily sideshore, slightly onshore
Kite size: about 8-9 sqm, Tubekites
Spot: Zingst at the baltic sea

Course of events:
while doing a routine tack maneuver resp. a start from the beach the kites of Silke and another participant got tangled. Both participant were pulled towards each other. To have a better control of the dangerous situation the other kiter unhooked and flew his kite without harness. Unfortunately the both kites didn't come apart and the situation worsened. The resulting forces became to strong to control and the unhooked rider lost his bar. The bar got stuck in Silke's Line so that the second kite settled above the other. Then it began to spiral in the powerzone. Both kites developed forces that became uncontrollable. Silke was pulled over the water with high speed. She was pulled over two wooden wave-breakers and came to a halt in a fence on the beach.

First Aid was given immediately, but Silke died due to her injuries (in the helicopter on the way to the hospital - the translator). The exact cause of death is not known yet.

Silke did not use an emergency release system (Quick-Release, Quick-Out).
One cannot say whether an existing emergency release would have helped in this unusual situation neither if Silke would have been able to use it.

The other participant did not use a kiteleash (a safety line that connects the rider to the kite even if the bar is lost).
Most of the other participant, including Silke, did not us a kiteleash.
All participants were and are fully aware that up to now professional contest-kiting is nearly impossible with a kiteleash.

Silke and the other participant a well known for their considerate behaviour on the water.

I want to supplement and stress the fact that the accident developed in a standard situation. Most active kitesurfers will have experienced such a situation themselves, they can occur on any spot in the world and may or may not end tragically. One can neither put the blame on the other kiter nor on the outer frame of the event.

We have to work on the question of safety and develop a consciousness for this problem.

Kitesurfing is and remains a sport that is calculable up to 100%.

Johannes Marczinski

I hope this translation helps to understand the facts though it may not be 100% grammatically correct.

my prayers are with Silke, her friends ans relatives, but also with the guy who had to let go of the bar.
I can only hope that this tragic accident helps other kiters as well as producers of kites to develop a feeling for the dangers of this sport, and also for the need of safety devices, kiteleashes and quickreleases.


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Postby RickI » Tue Jun 11, 2002 1:34 pm

Thank you Jay for your good translation. I have to learn German.

As in the case of many accidents we can discuss whether a safety leash and safety release loop would have helped or not. The main benefit of talking about accidents is to attempt to learn how to avoid them in the future. These accidents can happen so incredibly fast. If you have time to react, those reactions are generally basic. You have a few seconds to pull on something, with effect or no and then you hit, sometimes very hard. For myself, based on my own experience and that of many others in the KSI, I want something to pull that may help. I also want something that should take care of my kite without much further input from me once I send it flying off without me, that is a kite leash. I want to have some reason to think that my actions won't hurt someone else downwind.

Finally, in the few seconds before and if I hit something, I don't want to wonder if I will hit my head or ribs. I want to have some comfort in knowing that at least my head and torso are somewhat protected by a helmet and impact vest. The value of these things has been proven to me directly in saving my life, and keeping me out of the hospital on a couple of other occassions. These impact incidents are rare but not so rare as to not take precautions. For those among us who ride motorcycles, how often have you really needed that helmet you wear?

Safety gear is a personal choice for us. Hopefully soon for competitors some will become mandatory. What do you choose?

Rick Iossi


Postby Guest » Tue Jun 11, 2002 4:34 pm

> Kitesurfing is and remains a sport that is calculable up to 100%.

This should be:
Kitesurfing is and remains a sport that is not calculable up to 100%.



Postby Guest » Wed Jun 19, 2002 7:04 pm

Unfall von Silke Gorldt beim Kitesurfen
Damit wir alle aus dem Unfall lernen können, versuche ich hier eine möglichst faktische Darstellung des Unfalls zu geben. Diese entstand aus den Erinnerungen von mir und anderen Leuten die vor Ort waren.

Silke Gorldt ist am 07.06.2002 bei einem tragischen Unfall ums Leben gekommen. Eine Verkettung von unglücklichen Umständen trug zu diesem Ausgang bei.

Äusserer Rahmen: Kitesurf-Event FD-Tour
Wind: 5-6 Bft, sideshore, leicht auflandig
Drachengrösse: ca. 8-9 qm Tubekites
Spot: Zingst an der Ostsee

Bei einem routinemässigen Wendemanöver bzw. nachfolgendem Wiederlosfahren vor dem Strand verfingen sich die Kites von Silke und einem weiteren Teilnehmer ineinander. Die beiden Teilnehmer wurden aufeinander zugezogen. Um eine daraus resultierende Gefahrensituation zu kontrollieren, hakte sich der eine Kiter aus und flog den Drachen ohne Trapez. Unglücklicherweise liessen sich die beiden Kites nicht trennen, die Situation verschlechterte sich. Dabei entwickelten sich Kräfte, die nicht mehr bewusst kontrollierbar waren und der ausgehakte Kiter verlor seine Bar (Lenkstange). Diese verfing sich in Silkes Leinen so unglücklich, dass der zweite Kite sich oben an Silkes Kite festsetzte. Der obere Drachen fing an Kreise durch die Powerzone zu fliegen und entwickelte zusammen mit Silkes Kite nicht zu beherrschende Kräfte. Silke wurde mit hoher Geschwindigkeit ueber das Wasser und den Strand gezogen. Sie wurde dabei über zwei Holzbuhnen im Wasser gezogen und ist im Zaun am Strand/Deich hängengeblieben/gegengeschlagen.

Erste-Hilfe war sofort vor Ort. Silke starb an den Folgen ihrer Verletzungen. Die genaue Todesursache ist noch ungeklärt.

Silke setzte kein Notauslösesystem (Quick-Release, Quick-Out) ein.
Man kann nicht sagen, ob bestehende Notauslösesysteme diese aussergewöhnliche Situation gemeistert hätten, oder ob Silke überhaupt in der Lage gewesen wäre, diese zu nutzen.

Der weitere Teilnehmer setzte keine Kiteleash ein. (Mit Kiteleash ist eine Sicherheitsverbindung zum Kite gemeint, die auch bei Verlust der Lenkstange, den Kite nicht vollständig vom Kiter löst.)
Fast alle übrigen Teilnehmer setzten ebenfalls keine Kiteleash ein, Silke eingeschlossen. Bisher war mit Kiteleash kaum vernünftiges Wettkampfkiten möglich. Dessen sind und waren sich die Teilnehmer bewusst.

Silke und der weitere Teilnehmer sind für ihr rücksichtsvolles Verhalten auf dem Wasser bekannt.

Ich möchte ergänzen bzw. betonen, dass der Unfall in einer absoluten Standard-Situation entstanden ist. Solche Situationen haben viele Aktive wahrscheinlich schon selbst erlebt und solche Situationen können an jedem Spot der Welt auftreten und schlimm enden. Weder dem weiteren Teilnehmer ist irgendeine Art von Schuld vorzuwerfen, noch hat der äussere Rahmen des Kitesurf-Events einen Einfluss auf den Unfall gehabt.

Es gilt an der Sicherheitsfrage zu arbeiten und sich diesem Problem bewusst zu werden!

Kitesurfen ist und bleibt ein Sport, der nicht zu 100% kalkulierbar ist.

Johannes Marczinski


Postby Guest » Wed Jun 19, 2002 8:43 pm

fischland darß kitesurftour and silke gorldt:

<a href="">here is a huge picture list</A>


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