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Lost kite covered under home owner's insurance

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Lost kite covered under home owner's insurance

Postby POACHER » Tue Aug 26, 2008 5:20 pm

True story.

About 1.5 months ago, myself and a friend went up to Lake Superior to ride. The wind was pretty funky and we tried a new launch that we had flown over the day before that looked cool.

Long story short the kiting was crap. The wind was really gusty and swirling at times. I made about 6 tacks out and came in. I secured my kite (or so I thought) on the beach leading edge into the wind, disconnected the lines, and put 4 ten pound rocks on the kite to keep it down. So I start winding my lines. Within 3 minutes of doing my lines, the wind very abruptly changed directions and gusted about 40 knots, ripping my kite off the beach and dumping the 4 rocks off like they were Skittles. It shot my kite about 30 yards out to sea. Lake Superior is a cold (was 41 degrees), desolate, big nasty bitch and it now has my kite without lines attached going out to the middle. I tried swimming 200 yards out for it in 3-4 ft waves, but it kept going and I was already past the point of exhaustion. There is NOBODY around up there either. No boats, swimmers, anything. She was lost and I wasn't dying for a kite.

So I said F-it and watched it roll further and further out into the lake. (so if anyone in Canada finds a white GK Sonic 11, I'd love an email!)
My ex-girlfriend said I should call my insurance company to see if they can help. So I did. I explained what the sport was and what happened. The claims lady was super cool. She said she would accept the claim under wind peril damage to personal property. I had a check in my hands for $1000 in 3 days and had a new V-Sonic 11 in less than a week.

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