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exuma kitesurfing bahamas: caution zombie 12m review

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exuma kitesurfing bahamas: caution zombie 12m review

Postby Beachbum1236 » Sat Nov 08, 2008 2:19 pm

Hello everyone, I am writing a review about the Caution 12m Zombie from Exuma Kitesurfing. I just want to let everyone know that I do ride for them, but will try and write the most unbiased review i can.

The Zombie 12m Tested a few days ago. All in all it's a good kite. I do not prefer bows as i still love my C kites and will probably never give them up. 08 Fuels. But if i was planning on buying a bow kite, the zombie would be one of my options in the lineup. The kite is smooth!!! I actually found this kite to be one of the smoothest kites I've flown and I found it to be more of a free ride kite than anything else. It's not very good for looping and i found the kite to loose alot of power when unhooking, but tricks were still manageable. The kite performs well hooked in and jumps similar to a c kite, but with the extra float of a bow kite. When jumping, I mean just boosting, the kite liked to be ridden almost full power if not full and it is extremely stable, kind of like how you just hang there under kite confident and now having to worry about being swung around like a ragg doll if something goes wrong on your takeoff or you send the kite to far to the other side of the window. Once you get the kite above you, it just sits there until your ready to do what you like. I'm not saying it's the best jumping kite It surely doesn't have the get up and go like my C kites, but all in all jumping it was alright. The kites turning ability was also nice, very smooth and predictable, not much area in the design for making the kite funk out and do jelly fishing or shooting to one side of the window unexpectedly.I haven't tried any other caution kites but this one seems to catch my eye if i was looking for a bow kite just to get me going and i don't feel like doing tricks, just hanging out in the waves or just cruising. All in all the kite was great for what it was made for, The bar on the other hand needs some work. It feels too light and fragile, something like you going to break it. and the bar ends are pointy and seem like if you bonk your head on the end accidentally your going to hurt more than say a Slingshot bar end. The front leader lines too, from the depower strap need to be checked out, its simple and everything but just having two larks head knots around a single knot doesn't really cut it if your always putting loads of pressure on the lines from unhooking. The general design of the bar though is simple and it works, there is really no need to change anything if you happily on your way just trying to get a session on the water. so here is my take on the kites features.

Kite: Great it's made for what it does best, Freeriding!
Handling:Great, smooth predictable, light bar pressure.
Construction: Excellent, We've all seen caution before, Bomb proof!
Jumping:Good, it's good if you want to go big, but not as good if you want to go BIG
One Pump design:Just like slingshot or cabrinha, or however many other kite brands used the same system.
Bar:Good, needs some tweaks but great for the all around rider.

Anyhoo, I'd give the kite Four stars out of Five. and heres some Pics!!!!

chriszombie5.jpg (166.9 KiB) Viewed 1778 times
chriszombie4.jpg (37.98 KiB) Viewed 1793 times
chriszombie2.jpg (46.71 KiB) Viewed 1793 times
chriszombie1.jpg (58.45 KiB) Viewed 1793 times
chriszombie1.1.jpg (46.36 KiB) Viewed 1774 times

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Re: exuma kitesurfing bahamas: caution zombie 12m review

Postby alefevre1999 » Mon Nov 10, 2008 1:45 pm

I had the opportunity to ride the 12 meter Zombie yesterday for a few hours in gusty winds and small wind waves. I have been kiting for a year and the only other kite that I have used is a Slingshot Rev so that is my comparison.

I think the above review is spot on. I wish I had this kite for the last year. It would of made the progression from beginner to intermediate much easier for me.

The kite has a very big sweet spot. I rode in conditions that ranged from 15-30mph with the average around 22. I set the kite for full power on the attachment points and I never touched the power strap. I would of been on and off the power strap all day on my Rev. Caution brags about their short throw and the ergonomic position that it allows. I would agree 100%. I never felt the need to take my front hand off the bar as I rode. It felt very natural to ride with both hands on the bar on all points of sail. In the gusty conditions the kite felt very smooth.

The kite goes upwind very well. I was riding with a buddy who has a few years experience on me and he was asking for advice on how to ride upwind after the session. I told him the best advice is buy a Caution kite. I don't have any interest in course racing but like all riders really appreciate the ability to rail upwind after a big jump or wave ride. Additionally, I found it easier to ride the waves in the onshore conditions due to the ability to ride comfortably at higher points of sail. I never felt like the kite was pulling me away from the wave.

The kite jumps good and the precise steering characteristics allow for a very controlled fight path. I would say that the Rev jumps with more power. I found the Zombie had less pull to set up against when doing unsent jumps. I was able to adjust and felt more confident as the day progressed. When doing sent kite jumps the kite had less boost as well. I found that I was looking for all it could give and felt really confident in the air and landing. I think it will make learning all the intermediate jump tricks very easy.

The kite turns are silky smooth. I cannot wait to ride this kite in the waves with my directional. I was riding the small waves and throwing the kite around. It never hesitated or stalled. I found that the Rev demanded much more attention. The wingtips had a tendency to pinch and stall if you were over sheeted. Additionally, It would be a bit stubborn to turn when really powered up. I think the turning characteristics of the kite are a real highlight and the kite would be a great choice for wave riders.

I would say the low end of the kite is OK. The Zombie seemed to lack the low end pull of the Rev. However, I would say you more than make up for that shortcoming with the control on the high end of the range. The one positive is it is really easy to generate power by working the kite due to the superior turning of the Zombie.

It was cold and I only dropped the kite twice. It popped right up and was easy to relaunch. I can't say too much about the relaunch of the kite. I would like to try it in lighter winds before I comment on it.

Everything from setup of the kite to the functioning of the bar seemed easy . The bar and power strap seemed to work good. I liked that I never had to operate the power strap. The bar ends are pointy and could potentially hurt. I have yet to hit the end of the bar while kiting so I'm not sure how much of an issue it is.

All in all I would agree with the above reviewer. The kite is a great choice for most riders and an exceptional choice for wave riders.

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